This is what happens to the body if you stop eating fats to lose weight

5:00 PM

Friday 25 December 2020

I wrote – Shaima Morsi

When we start a diet, often the first thing we want to get rid of is fat.While it is true that bad fats can make you gain weight, there are also healthy fats that are essential for your body, and cutting them down can completely affect your physical and mental health. It leads to failure of your efforts to achieve your dream body.

Here, we review for you what effect that happens to the body to stop eating fat, according to what was reported by the American “brightside” site.

1- You may feel hungry:

You may notice that you are not full after meals, because healthy dietary fats are an essential nutrient we need in our diet.

2- Your memory may get worse:

If you get rid of fats completely, you may notice that you are not as alert as usual, as good fats improve brain health, and it has been proven that a diet containing healthy fats, such as olive oil, nuts and fish can help boost your memory. Fats reduce the risk of developing dementia.

3- put your heart at risk

There are many benefits to your heart from eating healthy fats, as a diet rich in good fats can reduce the risk of a heart attack, and a study showed that people who eat more than half a tablespoon of olive oil every day have a 15% less chance. For any kind of heart disease.

4- You can gain weight:

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When you follow a low-fat diet, you prevent your body from burning fats, and a study shows that some healthy fats, such as the fats in almonds, may improve your metabolism.

5- It will be difficult to build muscle

Eating good fats and exercising regularly can help you build muscle, and fats can also increase the concentration of protein in your body which in turn will help your body recover faster after an intense workout.

6- Your immune system may weaken:

Fatty acids are necessary to protect the immune system. Additionally, many vitamins are absorbed better when taken with fats, and if you are to eliminate good fats from your diet, you may prevent your body from getting enough vitamins.


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