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Andreas Bichlmeir, Board Member, UPS Systems Online

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What trends do you expect in the UPS market in 2023?
Andreas Bichlmeir: With the increasing degree of digitization and automation, we see a growing demand for a secure power supply of critical infrastructures. Today, power failure protection goes far beyond the traditional protection of a server storage application. Redundant systems and a longer bridging time in the event of a power outage or blackout are becoming more and more important for companies. Depending on the location, it is important to choose the right UPS technology.

For which applications are online UPSs (with double conversion technology) suitable?
With their double conversion technology, online UPSs protect critical applications and infrastructures that cannot afford a millisecond of power outage. They are therefore used in highly sensitive areas in corporate IT, server and data communication, hospitals and laboratories, data centers and wherever it is necessary to ensure continuous data exchange between systems, networked on-premise systems and applications cloud. They ensure 24/7 power availability.

Which types of customers is Online UPS-Systems 2023 particularly focused on?
We address companies in all sectors that, in addition to the pure purchase of products, want personal services and for which sustainability is important. We offer individual advice and project support via our official Swiss online UPS contact point Swizzconnexx. As a manufacturer, we promote sustainable action with modern UPS technology for better energy efficiency in data centers and server rooms, with long-lasting UPS systems and 99% recyclable batteries.

Turan Kara, Country Manager Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg, Pure Storage GmbH

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How will the market for flash data storage solutions develop in 2023?
Turan Kara: At Pure Storage, we have been using flash instead of disk from the beginning. Even when Flash was much more expensive. Our success proves us right. Flash adoption in the data center will continue and continue to accelerate. However, the triumph of flash storage means more than just replacing a spinning hard drive with an SSD: the benefits of flash storage can only be fully realized with all-new storage software and all-new processing stacks. And we support them here.

What trends do you see in Storage-as-a-Service in 2023?
By 2025, more than 75 percent of storage capacity in IT organizations in the enterprise market will be acquired “as-a-service,” an increase of 35 percentage points from 2022, when we’re currently at a 40 percent share. As-a-service models also drive business demand for sustainability and cost efficiency. Procuring storage hardware yourself and then scrapping and replacing it at the end of its life is not sustainable. Here too, Pure Storage has done pioneering work.

What topics will Pure Storage focus on next year?
One of Pure Storage’s main goals is innovation. We invest around four times the market average in research and development. We focus on our previous experience and deliver the highest quality. Sustainable systems are also key to being able to support our clients in achieving their ESG objectives and their ambitious digitalisation goals.

Omer Singer, head of cybersecurity strategy, Snowflake

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What top cybersecurity trend are you following specifically in 2023?
Omar Singer: Over the next year, cloud data lakes will become the focus of security officials. They allow for a consolidated overview of all security data, but also include business and IT data. Market researchers Gartner and Forrester have both highlighted this trend, and we expect this trend to accelerate in 2023. Cybersecurity is finally being integrated into the modern data stack.

What will change in the field of information security standards in the coming year? The Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF), founded in 2022, will gain wider support within the market. The open source
The project aims to create a uniform and vendor-neutral data model for security information. Tackle the management of the complex environments that challenge security teams every day. We believe OCSF is developing into a vendor-neutral standard for safety data.

How will safety reporting develop in 2023?
Cloud security data lakes make it easier for managers to get near real-time reporting on key security metrics. In the field of cybersecurity, this type of transparency is still relatively new. We’re already seeing a lot of interest in those metrics and this will increase over the next year. Executives want real-time dashboards they can use to quickly assess their organization’s security posture.

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