This is what Anastacia, 54 years old, looks like today, sung around the world. Would you meet her? (IMAGES)

Anastacia was one of the most popular singers in the 90s, and was named for her low height (157cm) “little lady with a big voice”. The star has had an extraordinary career and, according to 2018 estimates, her albums have been sold in quantity thirty million copies.

Some time ago, thanks to TikTok, the younger generation “dusted” one of their flagship hits “Left Outside Alone”, so the singer was loud again. She is not surprised that her unique voice cannot be confused with any other singer.

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However, success in the music market was intertwined with his health problems. when Anastacia she was only 13, diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and W. In 2003, the singer learned that she had breast cancer. The star underwent a treatment, but 10 years later, the disease returned. The singer underwent bilateral mastectomy followed by breast reconstruction. Anastacia managed to recover and today she is actively involved in persuading women to have their breasts examined.

However, health disruptions have not forced her to retire from show business. Some time ago she took part in the Italian edition of “Dancing with the Stars” and you can still see her on stage. The singer is in constant contact with fans on Instagram and informs her about upcoming dates of her performances there.

In September, the singer appeared at Lisbon’s Campo Pequeno, where she performed on stage in a youthful style. Full of chains, in a cropped denim jacket, she sang her biggest hits. A black top with numerous ornaments and an equally rich lining was paired with animal-patterned bells. The star’s smooth face was also noteworthy, and it was vain to look for her wrinkles.

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How I loved her !! Years of childhood

Or rather, that we would know. Great-grandmother and a lot of voice


33 minutes

My childhood idol 🙂

I loved 🤩. My teenage times.

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He was 3 years younger than me because in the 90s he was 5 years older than me, not 2 …

It started with “Im outta love” and the world went crazy. Cold times.

In the 2000s, when someone in a residential neighborhood wore her typical smoky glasses, it was said that it is done ‘su Anastata’, I remember how today

In one photo you can see the seams under the breast, that is, it went to the side wall earlier than two weeks after the mastectomy. I admire the fact that she worked through such a difficult time, I guess it wasn’t easy to get that smile.

It looks like Madonna. Did the plastic surgeon himself toy with their faces and put silicones on them?

I still play Anastacia’s hits on YouTube <3

A wonderful woman I have her CD and I play it often This is a singer ….

I never liked his singing

I already have 2 tons of wygla and 500 old tires, I will survive the winter

Big enough curvy with a strong voice 👍

mine also represent that low-level San as a bust

God, let those years come back

What 90s if he released his first album in 2000? To date, along with the rest, her 2000-2002 hits flicker on the radio.

One Day I You Life – uwielbiam

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