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This is what a heated argument is all about – 2024-05-08 00:50:37

There seems to be no end to Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s feud.

There is currently a dispute brewing in the rap world that has attracted the attention of the whole world. Canadian rapper Drake and Yankee rapper Kendrick Lamar have drifted into a rap battle that seems to have no end.

The two have famously had a very complicated relationship. Drake and Lamar worked together in the early 2010s, but since then their relationship has become inflamed.

Kendrick Lamar is known for songs such as Money Trees, Swimming Pools and HUMBLE. AOP

The rappers have released no fewer than nine songs related to their feud within a few months. Read below what the songs are mostly about.

Like That

It all started in March when Lamar released the song Like That together Metro Boominin and Future with.

In the song, Lamar denies that he belongs to the “big three” rappers along with Drake and J. Cole. Lamar pointed out that he is actually standing on the podium all by himself.

Lamar also compared himself and Drake to late singers Prince and Michael Jackson. In a previous song, Drake vented about how he has beaten Jackson’s song records throughout his career.

– Prince outlived Mike Jack, Lamar said Like That in the paragraph.

Drake pictured on April 5th. AOP

Push Ups

Drake’s song Push Ups was released to the public on April 13.

On the song, Drake fired back saying that Lamar is not really one of the big three rappers. Drake listed various rappers that he thinks are more respected than Lamar.

Drake also mocked Lamar’s label and his work in pop music with the song.

Taylor Made Freestyle

Before Lamar could respond to Drake’s laid-back track, Drake released the track Taylor Made Freestyle April 19. The song was later removed.

Drake used the voices of Lamar’s idols Tupac Shakur and Snoop Dogg on the song with the help of artificial intelligence. The AI ​​rapped in recorded voices that they were coming after Lamar.

In the song, Drake criticized Lamar for not responding to the previous song faster. Drake claimed Lamar was delaying the release so the release wouldn’t take away from Taylor Swift’s new album release. Drake rants that Lamar is under Swift’s shoe.

Snoop Dogg posted his reaction to the song and the use of his own voice on Instagram. Snoop Dogg jokingly said in the video that he has been getting surprised calls from his friends all day. The rapper himself seemed to be very embarrassed by the feud between Lamar and Drake.


Lamar’s expected answer, that is, the song Euphoria published on April 30. The title of the song refers to HBO Euphoria– series, where Drake is involved in the role of producer.

Lamar attacked from many different angles in his song. Among other things, he barked at Drake’s parenting skills, his abilities as a rapper and Drake’s sense of style. In addition, Lamar suggested that Drake had done cosmetic procedures on his body.

Lamar also took issue with the use of artificial intelligence.

– Am I now rapping against artificial intelligence or a ghost writer? The song was asked.

6:16 in LA

Lamar didn’t just twiddle his thumbs, but struck again with a song 6:16 in LA. Released on May 3rd, the title of the track pokes fun at Drake’s habit of using times in song titles.

In the song, Lamar accused Drake of being a bully and hinted that everyone on his team feels the same way. In the song, Drake’s entourage is said to be backstabbing people who gossip about him to others.

Family Matters

The dragon Family Matters released on the same day as the song 6:16 in LA. Family Matters takes no less than eight minutes. It has been speculated that the title of the song suggests that Lamar’s manager is actually the father of his child.

Drake also accused Lamar of infidelity and assaulting women.

– When you approach your girl, is it self-defense because she is bigger than you? Drake’s song says.

Meet the Grahams

Lamar posted his response Meet the Grahams the next day, i.e. May 4.

Among other things, Lamar apologized to Drake’s son For Adonis that Drake is her father. The song also claims that Drake has a secret daughter.

– Could someone find my missing daughter? And then send him to me? Drake was very quick to respond back on Instagram.

With the song, Lamar threw more mud at Drake’s appearance. He accused Drake of using the weight loss drug Ozempic and told him to get a gym membership.

Not Like Us

Lamar released the song just a day later Not Like Uswhich blew up all over the internet.

The song made very serious accusations. Lamar implied that Drake is a pedophile who preys on young girls.

After heavy accusations, Lamar once again blasted Drake for using artificial intelligence and that using the late Tupac’s voice was disrespectful.

The Heart Part 6

Drake’s May 5 release The Heart Part 6 is battle’s newest song.

Drake denied that he was sexually involved with minors on the song. He also claimed that his own team started the secret daughter rumor as a kind of hoax.

– You have to learn to check things and be less impatient, Drake said.

Sources: Vulture, Billboard

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