This is the worst TV program of the year –

You may have never heard of The Hit Kwis. And then you have not missed anything. The show, which was hosted by Romy Monteiro and Kees Tol, has been voted the worst TV show of the year.

The jury of the TV Knollen, the TV equivalent of the Razzies and the Loden Leeuw, unanimously declared the AVROTROS music quiz to be the worst program to be seen on Dutch TV last year. “A collective breach of contract”, the jury said. β€œIt seems as if this lousy program has been hastily put together and they just managed to find the last two available presenters. Unworthy of NPO. ”

The musical game drew on the timeslot of The world moves on last summer regularly less than 300,000 viewers. It is the second time that the prize has been awarded. Last year the public award went to 6 Inside and the jury prize to RTL Late Night with Twan Huys.

It was also harshly judged on social media The Hit Kwis.


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