This is the weather forecast for this Tuesday afternoon in New York | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

liliana: we have many changesduring these I trust intense in ourarea, in the 30s throughout theday and night o’clockfreezing and we also havethe presence of some flakesin our area.the most important thing is thewinter rainfall, whichbe very more flakes about2:00 in the afternoon.there was no accumulation.just a first touchwinter with factor offreezing sensation and tomorrow andtonight with conditionsdry.after afternoon thissystem comes completely out ofour area.we see the blue combination ofa little cloudiness with ice,and also combined withrain for manhattan area,however, oncearrive at 3:00 in the afternoon onsystem comes completely out ofour area, and the nextprobability of rain will beby Thursday morning.much caution withcars. you have to keepdistance. It’s slipperyeasily, especiallywhen there is presence of icenegro.go easy and never stop


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