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This is the way the police dismantle the engineering of the pigs driving Adam Ibrahim

by world today news

Arrest the hog is the hog made a scene for residents of Bedahan Village, Sawangan District, Depok City. It was later revealed that the hogs were just a fabrication Adam Ibrahim alone.

Kapolsek Sawangan AKP Rio Tobing explained the origin of the ‘finding the pigs’ which made residents gather on Tuesday (27/4) in the early hours of last morning. The police who received information about the issue of the findings the hog is the hog these then slide to the location.

“After hearing this information, we from the Sawangan Police Department immediately went to the TKP. Our first concern was how to avoid the crowd related to COVID,” Rio said in an interview with the Blunt Team. detikcom at the Depok Police, Jl Margonda Raya, Depok, Friday (30/4/2021).

At that time, hundreds of residents gathered. Residents are curious to see the shape of a hog ngepet.

“After that we coordinated with community leaders, at that time it was Pak Adam Ibrahim who is currently a suspect,” he said.

To the police, Ahmad Ibrahim | conveying the chronology of the catching of the “ngepet pig”. The police then asked Adam Ibrahim to urge the residents not to crowd, so at that time Adam decided to slaughter the pig.

“At that time, we told them how to keep this community from crowding. A conclusion was drawn that it would be good for this pig to be executed, and finally slaughtered,” he said.

After the pig was slaughtered and buried near the location of the initial discovery, residents still came. Anticipating that the crowd of residents would not reappear, the police finally demolished the pig’s grave.

“The next day we from the police automatically avoided so that there would be no crowds again, we removed the graves of the pigs so that people would not crowd. The location is outside,” he said.

After that, the police examined 9 witnesses. Including one of them is Adam Ibrahim.

The results of the examination by the witnesses showed that none of them saw the seconds that humans turned into pigs. The witness only found out when the pig was caught.

“There we adjust the results of the examination from one to another that all of them do not see the process of changing humans into tight pigs. What is only seen is where the pigs were caught,” he said.

On the next page, the police found the source of the story about the pigs that were stuck

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