This is the Spotify playlist where you can listen to all the songs of Eurovision 2022

The 66th edition of Eurovision is close and to warm up the engines, what better way than to know in detail the songs that will be presented at the most anticipated musical contest of the year. Generally there are 41 (this year 40) the songs that choose to win the crystal microphone, but only 26 make it to the grand gala. The reason that this year there are only 40 is that the organization has decided to sanction Russia and eliminate it from the contest for the war in the Ukraine.

As Italy won last year, Turin will be the hostess for this edition of Eurovision in which Ukraine starts as favorite. There is a wide variety of musical styles in this year’s songs: ballads, party songs, reggaeton, synth pop, but, above all, folklore stands out, an invitation to return to the origins.

Like every year, the Eurovision organization facilitates the song list on spotify for eurofans and the public to listen to the candidates for the Crystal Microphone.

The first semifinal It will be held this Tuesday, May 10. In her, Albania will be in charge of opening the gala with Ronela Hajati and her song ‘Sekret’, while Rosa Linn with her song ‘Snap’ representing Armenia will close the night. France and Italy will also determine with their jury and televoting which 10 countries qualify for the final.

The second semifinal Eurovision will take place this Thursday, May 12. Finland will be the first country to perform with The Rasmus and the song ‘Jezebel’while Czech Republic will close with We Are Domi and their single ‘Lights Off’. Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom will choose the finalists with the vote of their respective panels of experts and the public.

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