This is the reason why Iran always threatens Israel’s Haifa


TEHERAN – For years, Iran repeatedly threatened to attack the city of Haifa, Israel.

On Sunday, the city was again discussed as a target when an Iranian newspaper urged the government to attack Haifa if Israel is proven to be behind the killing of Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.

Experts say that although Haifa is only Israel’s third largest city, in the eyes of the Iranian regime, it is a prime target because of its economic significance and proximity to Lebanon. (Read: Killed Nuclear Scientist, Iran Urged to Attack Israel’s Haifa)

The Economic Heart of Israel

“Tehran believes Haifa is the most critical business center in Israel,” said Saeed Ghasseminejad, senior Iranian adviser at the institute. think tank Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) yang berbasis di Washington.

News agency Tasnim, which is close to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), published an article highlighting the city’s economic importance in December 2014.

According to the article, Haifa is Israel’s most important city. “The city has been dubbed the economic heart of the Israeli regime,” reads a fragment of the article. (Read: After a nuclear scientist, now the Iranian IRGC commander has been killed by a drone)

The article entitled “Five vital arteries of Israel in Haifa that are within the range of Hezbollah’s Iranian missiles (Five vital arteries of Israel in Haifa that are within range of Iranian Hezbollah missiles), “lists five sites in the city as the main targets; the port of Haifa, the petrochemical complex, the power company, the Matam Hi-Tech and Business Park, and the rail network.


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