This is the pattern that unites Marta López and Kylie Jenner

We never thought that we would talk about Marta López and Kylie Jenner in the same article but the moment has come, as they have both fallen in love with the paisley print.

Kylie Jenner and Marta López can not be more in the antipodes as far as styling is concerned (and in terms of lifestyle as well). Although they are both fascinated by tight garments, high necklines and mini skirts, this is by no means enough for us to consider that the dress of Kim Kardashian’s sister and collaborator of Live life be similar. The Spanish loves style clothes boho, the flowing dresses and the t-shirts and sweatshirts oversize with funny messages and pictures. To the founder of the most successful makeup empire in U.S, on the contrary, he likes latex garments better, jackets type puffer and the most avant-garde haute couture dresses. Marta and Kylie are the night and the day, but there is something that, surprisingly, both have recently agreed. And it is that the two have declared themselves fans of the paisley print. One wearing it in her clothes and the other in the best manicure we’ve seen lately.

The paisley, the pattern that has fallen in love with Marta López and Kylie Jenner

Paisley, also known as cashmere, is a pattern in the shape of a bacterium, amoeba, tear, drop or whatever you want to see that became, from the 70s, one of the prints most popular all over the world. It is related to the bohemian style, with inspirational garments hippie and with Ibizan fashion; but it is also very typical of looks with a country aesthetic, as it is the design that usually appears on the scarves worn by far away cowboys West (or of Mini Hollywood almeriense) that appear in the movies western mid-century. A clear example that this pattern is totally versatile. No wonder it is worn by figures as diverse as Marta Lopez Y Kylie Jenner.

Today, paisley occupies much of the most desirable stores of the moment. There are many celebrities who bet on garments full of this pattern. The last ones have been the collaborator of Telecinco and the youngest billionaire in history but you will surely recognize her in some of the best looks by Sara Carbonero or Gema López. And it is one of the basics of any fashion victim. And you, do you have any pieces in your wardrobe full of paisley print? If the answer is no, we don’t know what you are waiting for. Runs!

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