this is the only exercise Anne Hathaway does to keep fit

Anne Hathaway we fell in love when she was still a child in Princess by surprise and since then, he has not stopped enchanting us in each of his performances. But growing up in front of the public eye is not easy, and Hathaway has not been exempt from scrutiny as far as his body is concerned.

Sometimes she has been criticized or accused, absurdly, of weighing too much to be a Hollywood actress. The actress has openly faced this body shaming making it clear that neither his value as a person and professional, nor his health, are determined by a size. The reality is that Hathaway sports a great body and takes care of her health inside and out.

The reality is that the actress does not usually talk about her food or diet unless she is preparing for a role. But what we do know is that have trained regularly with two-pound weights or dumbbells and a half. In these cases, the key more than the weight we use is in the repetitions we do.

Also, when you have to prepare a paper the actress makes use of the dance, following various routines that help you do cardio, but also to gain body awareness, improve posture and be more flexible.

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If we want to train like her, we can do some of these exercises that they recommend our colleagues from Vitónica.

  • Squats: With the weights we can also squat, so that we intensify its effect. We will take a dumbbell from the top with both hands and place it in front of us at chest height. We spread the legs to the width of our shoulders and place the tips of our feet facing out and perform the squat.
  • Dumbbell row: We will need a slightly higher support, to support the hand and knee on the side of the body that we are not working on. In the arm that we are going to work we hold the dumbbell and start with it fully stretched. We flex until we bring the dumbbell to our chest.
  • Dumbbell Cufflinks Extensions: we will need to be able to lean on a stool, a step or a support not too high. We climb on it with the support of the toe and letting the heel hang. We will grab the dumbbell with the hand on the same side and stand on tiptoe.
  • Lateral arm raises: We start with the dumbbells in both hands and the arms next to the trunk. Subsequently, keeping the back straight, we raise the dumbbells until the arms are aligned, forming a horizontal line with shoulders. We go back down and repeat.
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