This is the oldest trophy in football history and it continues to be awarded

What is the oldest football tournament in the world? Well, the simple answer: england cupbetter known as the FA Cup. This tournament was founded in 1971 and has been in force ever since, but what is the oldest football trophy in the world Whats Next in force and continues to be delivered year after year? For she is not from England, but from her neighbor. The oldest trophy in the world is the Scottish Cupknown as The Scottish Cup.

This tournament, “sister” to the FA Cup, began in 1873, the same year as the founding of the Scottish Football Association. Similar in format to the FA Cup, the Scottish Cup began in the 1873-1874 season and in that same inaugural season its trophy was awarded, which has remained the same for 149 years, making it the oldest current trophy. in the history of football.

The Scottish Cup, the Scottish Cup, founded in 1873.

The Scottish Cup trophy was commissioned from the George Edward & Sons silversmith in the country’s capital, Glasgow. The original piece, the one made in 1973, is on display at the Scottish Football Museum in Hampden Park and is taken out once a year to be shown before the tournament final. The champion of each edition receives a replica of this trophy.

In the early decades, the great winner of the Scottish Cup was Queen’s Park FC (not to be confused with Queens Park Rangers FC in England), which won it up to 10 times between 1873 and 1893. In those years, the white-shirt club with Horizontal black stripes dominated Scottish football. Founded in 1967, no rival ever scored a goal against them until 1875. This club is one of the oldest in the world, being the oldest outside Great Britain. The last time they played in a Scottish Cup final was in the 1899-1900 edition. Losing against Celtic, which is the club that has won the tournament the most times, with 40 editions.

Queen’s Park FC, the first Scottish Cup winners, in this photo from 1874.

From the late 1890s both Rangers FC and Celtic FC began to dominate this cup tournament, winning it 34 and 40 times each, respectively. Beyond that as many as 25 clubs have won the Scottish Cup at least once, with Heart of Midlothian FC, Aberdeen FC, Hibernian FC and Kilmarnock FC among other well-known champions. Although their last cup was won almost 120 years ago (in 1893), Queen’s Park remains the third most successful club. In addition, Queen’s Park FC is the only club to have played in both the FA Cup and Scottish Cup finals in the same season, in 1883-84, losing the former and winning the latter.

The Scottish Cup remains very popular to this day, averaging around 50,000 people at the final each year, which is usually played at the aforementioned Hampden Park stadium.

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