This is the ‘older’ woman who would have taken Prince Harry’s virginity: ‘I still remember his underwear’

There is no subject that has stirred the mood in the UK more than his defloration after the release of Prince Harry’s memoirs. In the book Reserve describes how and where this happened, but not by whom exactly. Now the “older woman”, as Harry described her, has gone to the British newspaper The Sun stepped in to tell her story.

One of the most talked about passages in Prince Harry’s book was about losing his virginity. He was 17 years old, it happened in an alley behind a pub and an “older woman” was involved, Harry wrote. And immediately the worldwide guessing started as to who the lucky lady was.

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Now we know: her name is Sasha Walpole. Today a 40-year-old excavator driver with two children, but in July 2001 a friend who experienced Prince Harry’s (now 38, two years younger than her) first time on a drunken evening. She tells her story for the first time in the British newspaper The Sun.

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She says she remembers sharing at least ten shots of tequila, Baileys and sambuca that night at the Vine Tree Inn in Norton, Wiltshire, on the night they celebrated her 19th birthday with friends. “We were pretty drunk,” says Walpole. “We crawled outside on a fence to the field. I handed Harry a cigarette and lit mine and his. Then he started kissing me.”

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This June 2001 photo, taken at a polo club event, shows young Prince Harry with Sasha Walpole to his left.© UK Press via Getty Images

Then it happened. “A wham-bam between two friends,” she calls the act, which she says only lasted five minutes. “The sex was passionate and exciting because we knew it wasn’t really possible. But one thing soon led to another. We ended up on the ground. There was no speaking. I do remember his underwear, he was wearing boxer shorts.”

Hidden in phone booth

According to her, Harry was 16 at the time, a year younger than he claimed in his book. They had known each other since she worked as a groomsman at Highgrove, King Charles’s country house, and saw each other several times at polo matches. “We hadn’t talked about doing this. It just happened. He was young, we were friends and it was a bit naughty.”

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After sex, according to the woman, Harry hid in a red telephone booth so as not to be seen. Until a friend of Sasha’s brought his bodyguard, who was driving around in a Ford Fiesta, to him. “To me he was not Prince Harry. He was Harry, a friend with whom things had gotten a bit out of hand. Then I gave him another slap on the ass.”

Prince Harry’s book.© EPA-EFE

That she told her story now The Sun, according to her, has everything to do with the book. She was “shocked” by what he wrote there, she says. “No one warned me that I would be in the book. Harry or his people should have told me that. I lead a quiet life, I did not ask for this.”

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