This is the new Dacia Sandero in the first unofficial photo. It looks very good


The success of Dacia cars is impressive and so are they upcoming Sandero and Logan models. So far, the Romanian carmaker has shown them to us in only three official photos, but now we have another, unofficial one.

The new generations of Romanian cars retain similar basic body shapes, but they are much more modern. They look perhaps even better than some other cars boasting much more “premium” features on the hoods.

It is only one photo, but it shows the car in the same color as in the official photo. The headlights with LED daytime running lights can also be seen nicely. The overall impression is a bit spoiled by just sheet metal discs, with some nice alloy wheels, the car would look much better. But there are nice bikes in the official photo, so there is nothing to be afraid of.

Dacia_Logan-to-the-Dacia_Sandero_Stepway Dacia_Sandero
Photo: Dacia

We don’t officially know the interior yet, but a photo of the interior has already got on the internet, we showed it to you a few days ago in this article.

We do not yet know more detailed information about motorizations, equipment, but also prices, we still have to wait for them. But we are already curious about how the new dacies will look live and how they will be ridden.

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