This is the moment when a villager tries to revive a relative’s body with a thump of his chest

NEW DELHI, – Residents of a village on India trying to revive corpse relatives, with a beating chest and splash air.

It all started when Rabbi Nahak died suddenly falling ill. His bereaved family was unable to perform the cremation.

So they tried to revive the corpse Nahak. The ritual was held in Barasahi village, Odisha, eastern India.

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Two of Nahak’s relatives tried to beat him in the chest, while the third person poured out a large amount of water.

The villagers gathered and watched this unique procession. In fact, some of them also said prayers.

At one point, the Nahak family crossed their arms over their chest, intending to get their heart racing again.

They stretched the corpse, and poured more water as a man brushed a large object covered in black cloth.

The ringing bells and various objects being beaten color the ritual, in which they wave flags twisted with flowers.

Reported The Sun Thursday (8/4/2021), although they had tried several times, they did not succeed in reviving the man.

According to Hindu belief, the majority religion in India, the soul of a person who has died will be reborn in a different form.

In a funeral in “Bollywood Country”, mourners will usually recite a mantra with a number of rituals held.

The ritual includes bathing the body with milk or honey, and applying oil to its head.

The bereaved families also cremate the corpse, because they believe that is the fastest way for the soul to be released and reincarnated.

However, the ritual of reviving Nahak’s body by hitting the chest may be the first time it has happened there.

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