This is the look of Bechi’s son, Kiai Jombang, who is on the run for an obscenity case

Jakarta – Moch Subchi Azal Tzani alias Mas Bechi has not been arrested by the police. Suspect suspected case molestation against the santriwati was protected by her father who is also the caretaker of the Shiddiqiyyah Islamic Boarding School (Ponpes), KH Muhammad Mukhtar Mukthi.

Mas Bechi has been a fugitive since January 2022. The police’s repeated attempts to arrest Mas Bechi, previously initialed as MSAT, failed due to various obstacles.

The figure of Mas Bechi himself appeared on the wanted list (DPO). Mas Bechi, who is 42 years old, in the DPO is said to have a height of 168 cm with an oval face shape. Bechi’s hair is straight black, matching the color of her eyes.

For skin color is called tan. Other characteristics mentioned Bechi has a black mole under the eye and left cheek.

Sit Things

Bechi is suspected of committing obscene acts since 2017. The victim, who is a female student, admitted that Bechi’s modus operandi was to conduct health worker selection interviews for his clinic. However, in the middle of the selection, the female students were sexually assaulted by Bechi. Finally, in 2018, there were students who dared to report to the Jombang Police. This report is based on allegations of molestation, rape, and sexual violence against three female students.

In October 2019, the Jombang Police issued a warrant to stop the investigation. This is because the complainant is considered not to have complete evidence. After the rejection of the victim’s report because there was not enough evidence, finally, another victim reported Bechi to the Jombang Police. This report was also carried out in 2019. Until finally in January 2020, the investigation of this case was officially taken over by the East Java Police.

At that time, the investigation into this case was carried out by the Ditreskrimum of the East Java Police. This investigation was taken over because there were several things that needed to be done.backup. In addition, Bechi’s status has been determined as a suspect.

Despite being a suspect, Bechi was never arrested. In fact, he is often absent from police calls. The police also threatened to take the perpetrators forcibly if they did not comply with the summons.

Meanwhile, while carrying out the action, Bechi has a number of modes, one of which promises to marry the victim. Bechi is also said to have threatened the victim to have sex with him.

Since then Bechi was about to be forced to pick him up but he always failed. The latest news mentions that police negotiations to arrest Bechi ran aground after being blocked by his father, namely KH Muhammad Mukhtar Mukthi.

Mas Bechi’s Defense

Mas Bechi once filed a pretrial in order to escape the status of a suspect. However, Mas Bechi’s efforts ran aground, not just once, but twice.

Regarding the case surrounding him, Mas Bechi once spoke on January 29, 2020. Through a video broadcast on Instagram, Mas Bechi admitted that he objected to the status of a suspect given by the police.

In the video live In this case, Mas Bechi admitted that he had never met the police investigators who named him a suspect. He also questioned how his status could be a suspect, while the police had not received any information from him.

“Incidentally, I don’t know (I’ve never) met the same person, you’ve never met those police officers (meet), why do you say where the suspect is from,” said Mas Bechi in the video he watched. detik.comWednesday (29/1/2020).

“Moreover, I was accused of being wrong, until it was inappropriate, then from the summons they spread it to the media. Even though they never met me, how come it’s funny,” he added.

Watch the video ‘The difficulty of the police in arresting Kiai Jombang’s child, DPO in the case of student sexual abuse’:

[Gambas:Video 20detik]


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