This is the Importance of Having Smartphone Insurance

The risk of loss from smartphone damage can be reduced.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — In the current era of technology, smart phones are one of the things which never leaves the hand. That’s because, mobile phones really help simplify daily life and of course have many functions, ranging from communication, transportation, ordering food, shopping, to work. That’s because of its versatile function, a smart phone is one item that is highly guarded to keep it durable.

However, the risk smart phone falling or being damaged is often unavoidable. Lately, the trend of reducing the risk of loss due to damage or loss of a smartphone is now in vogue, namely insurance cell phone smart. This insurance can increase a sense of security and calm when using a smart phone because it has been protected from various risks that may occur.

Qoala’s VP of Direct to Customer, Theresia Ateng said, smartphone damage will certainly have an impact on many aspects of life because it is needed in all our daily activities. So, proper and comprehensive smartphone protection is very necessary.

As startup moving in the field insurance technology (insurtech), he said, Qoala presents product purchases cell phone insurance smart for society.

“All transactions are carried out online, from policy activation to claim processing. There is ShopeePay Super Online Deals which takes place October 15-21 2021 for users ShopeePay,” said Theresia, Friday (15/10).

He said, as a complement to daily activities, our smart phones also have the potential to be damaged due to accidental events, either partial or total damage. Smartphone insurance allows you to have peace of mind by providing coverage benefits in the form of smartphone repairs and even replacement of new units.

“Just like the protection provided by other insurance products, smartphone insurance also provides benefits when you make a claim for damage or loss. Without the need to spend a lot of money, smartphone insurance will provide benefits for repairing or replacing units to providing pick-up and drop-off services. to be repaired and then sent back,” he said.

“We provide two types of smartphone insurance, namely full protection and screen protection,” he said.



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