This is the figure of a viral bride with a besan group of 3,000 people, shocking


The groom went viral after a video of him arriving with a group of 3,000 people was uploaded to TikTok. Until the West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil highlighted, this is the figure of the bride.

The video of the bride who brought thousands of guests went viral after being uploaded by the TikTok account @sundanese.guy. The video uploader admitted that at first he did not expect that there would be 3,000 guests.

“Guest info of 3,000 people thought they were joking, it turned out that I was watching a leisurely stroll,” wrote the video caption for the TikTok account @sundanese.guy.

In the video, the groom is seen wearing an all-white outfit accompanied by his parents who are in the front row. Meanwhile, the extended family looks compact walking together from behind the groom to the end of the street.

Circulating a viral video of the besan group of around 3,000 people. Photo: Doc. TikTok @sundanese.guy.–

The video of the group immediately received various comments from netizens, including Ridwan Kamil. The West Java governor made a funny comment regarding the number of the viral besan entourage.


CPW: During the marriage ceremony, how many families will come?

CPP: Just a little, bro, most of them are nuclear families. Offer enough.

Day H: this is our nuclear family…,” wrote Ridwan Kamil in an Instagram post.

Meanwhile, other netizens commented that there were those who were curious about the thousands of guests the groom brought. There are also netizens who are curious about how the preparation of the kitchen team aka catering and the wedding dish washer team.

Wolipop has contacted Ivan Affandy, as the owner of the TikTok @sundanese.guy account. Ivan said the video he uploaded was a group of the groom’s family who wanted to give offerings to the bride.

“This is a video of the delivery of the groom’s entourage to the bride’s wedding location. The location of the groom’s house is still in the same village with the bride, only in different hamlets. Because the location is close, all the group and the groom walk to the bride’s house location,” said Ivan to Wolipop via WhatsApp, Monday (9/5/2022).

Ivan is a photo vendor or photographer at the event. The 29-year-old man explained that the ceremony was held today, Monday (9/5/2022) in Ciranca Village, Malausma District, Majalengka Regency, West Java.

“I’m a photographer from Wirakha, I heard from residents that there were 3,000 guests. I thought it was just a joke. But it turned out that when I saw the groom’s entourage coming, I was surprised that there were actually that many people. “My experience is in the world of weddings, this is the largest group of grooms I’ve ever met,” he said at length.

Make sure the video, detikJabar tried to confirm the Village Chief of Ciranca, Ohan Rohandi. He confirmed that the video circulating on social media was located in his village.

“That’s right (in Ciranca Village),” Ohan said when contacted detikJabar.

Ohan also revealed the figure of the bride who went viral by bringing an entourage of 3,000 people. Ohan said, the groom’s name was Irfan and the woman’s name was Diva. The two brides are residents of Ciranca Village.

“That was this morning (9/5). The brides were all here, just different blocks. The groom (Irfan) from the Cipeuteuy Block, the bride (Diva) from the Babakan Tengah Block,” he said.


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