This is the design of the mosque in Palestine Gaza by Ridwan Kamil

BANDUNG, – Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil redesigning a mosque in Gaza, Palestine. The mosque which was destroyed in 2014 was named Shaykh ‘Ajlin.

The inauguration of the mosque was carried out virtually at Pakuan Building, Bandung City and in Gaza, Palestine, Wednesday (7/3/2021).

The construction of the mosque was the result of cooperation with the Safe Palestine institution.

The mosque design by Ridwan Kamil tends to be futuristic with a predominance of white. The position of the mosque stands majestically facing the beach.

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The mosque is divided into two buildings with one tower. Philosophically, the tower shows a relationship with God and the two buildings characterize the relationship with humans and nature.

Apart from a place of worship, the mosque also serves as an educational center for Quran memorizers.

“So this mosque is approximately three floors because this mosque is not only a place of prayer, but also a place of study or a madrasa. That is why before it was destroyed in 2014 thousands of Quran memorizers had graduated from the old Sheikh ‘Ajlin mosque,” said Emil, his nickname. .

“So that in what program they need to build, they hope that there will be a place to go to school. Then because it is requested by Aman Palestine and the people in Gaza to design it is certainly an honor,” he added.

Emil said that previously there were four mosque designs that were offered to the community there.

Futuristic design

Documented by Ridwan Kamil The design of the Sheikh ‘Ajlin Mosque in Gaza, Palestine made by Ridwan Kamil.

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The clerics and the people of Gaza also chose a mosque design that did not have a dome. Emil said the people of Gaza chose a futuristic design because they wanted to give the impression that there was progress.

“This is also a lesson in that country, they want a mosque that symbolizes the progress of its time. Because I like to integrate Islamic values ​​into geometry, I chose the three values ​​earlier. That we must be balanced in our relationship to Allah, humans and love nature,” he said.

In his speech, Emil also could not hold back the emotion. This is because building mosques in conflict areas is not easy.

“The journey is emotional because if I design a mosque in Indonesia the problem is not too much of a problem. But in Gaza it is extraordinarily long. So before I designed the prayer in the wedding tent, it was so heavy, the rain was hit by the wind but they still prayed in congregation.” said Emil.

Emil explained that the construction of the mosque required funds of around Rp. 20 billion. The West Java Provincial Government has donated Rp 2.085 billion in funds.

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Other assistance came from the Salaman Waqf Board of Rp 1.9 billion. If there are no obstacles, the mosque project can be completed in two years.

“Therefore, let me entrust it in the name of humanity and Islamic brotherhood, we will help direct and digital infaq alms to fulfill the glory of this whole development. As governor, I will certainly invite companies of people who have excess assets to go down. So emotional because the situation is difficult to imagine for years. years of not praying in the mosque, “he explained.

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