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SURABAYA,– The deadline given by President Joko Widodo for the East Java Provincial Government to reduce the positive number of Covid-19 has expired.

The order was delivered by Jokowi when he came to East Java on June 25.

At that time, Jokowi also touched on the problem Surabaya Raya (Surabaya, Sidoarjo, and Gresik Regency) as a contributing area for Covid-19 in East Java is more than 50 percent.

Then, how is the condition of the corona case in Surabaya now?

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Two weeks passed, the city of Surabaya was still the largest contributor to the number of positive cases of Covid in East Java.

Until Thursday (07/09/2020) night, the number of positive cases of Covid-19 patients was recorded at 6,781 cases, after adding 100 cases. tried to confirm the matter of Jokowi’s deadline to the Surabaya City Government.

Unfortunately, Deputy Coordinator for Public Relations of the Task Force for the Acceleration and Handling of Covid-19 Surabaya City Government M Fikser was reluctant to give a response.

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Fikser only explained about the efforts of the Surabaya City Government in suppressing the Covid case in “City of Heroes”.

For two weeks, officers conducted raids on residents who did not comply with health protocols.

“So operations like we have to wear masks are often done. All OPDs go to the field to provide masks, educate the public,” Fikser said to, when contacted on Thursday (07/09/2020) night.

“In fact, villages, sub-districts, also do the same thing in public spaces, both in markets, coffee shops, parks, in malls, and places where residents gather,” said Fikser added.

In addition to conducting vigorous raids, sanctions imposed on violators of health protocols are considered to be more strict.

For example, offenders were immediately taken to the social lodge environment which was tasked with feeding ODGJ, sweeping the streets, and confiscating KTPs.

However, Fikser was reluctant to respond whether the sanctions imposed were effective in making citizens aware and willing to comply with government recommendations.

“I think, if you say effective or not, other parties can judge from what we do,” said Fikser.

At present, Surabaya City Government continues to strive to educate the public to comply with the health protocol.

One way is to optimize the roles and functions of the hundreds of Kampung Tangguh Wani Jogi Suroboyo that have been formed.

The Task Force for the Acceleration of Covid-19 Handling in Surabaya continues to conduct evaluations to reduce the spread of Covid-19 cases in Surabaya.

One of the approaches taken is to use technology to analyze certain areas, such as kelurahan or kecamatan, whether they enter the red zone or not.

In that way, he hopes the community will be more concerned and move together to break the chain of distribution of Covid-19.

The trend in co-19 cases increased

Over the past two weeks, the number of positive cases of Covid-19 in Surabaya has continued to increase.

Based on the data on the page, there were an additional 187 new cases on June 26 in Surabaya.

On June 27, there were 70 cases, there were 96 cases on June 28, on June 29 there were 95 cases, and there were 210 cases on June 30.

While on July 1, the addition of positive cases of Covid-19 increased 156 cases, July 2 there were 128 cases, July 3 increased 99 cases, July 4 reached 131 cases, and 136 cases on July 5.

While on July 6, the number of positive cases of Covid-19 increased to 59 cases, July 7 there were 56 cases, July 8 increased by 108 cases and 100 cases on July 9.

So as of Thursday night, the cumulative number of positive cases of Covid-19 in Surabaya reached 6,781 cases.

Related to that, Fikser admitted that the trend in the positive number of Covid-19 cases in Surabaya could not be said to be down, but it also couldn’t be said to be high.

“I can’t say it goes down, I also can’t say it goes up. That means that indeed, we still work to focus on the health of the citizens of Surabaya,” said Fikser.

Surabaya City Government evaluates to find ways and patterns of treatment that must be done to reduce the number of positive cases of Covid-19.

Efforts are currently underway to reduce the number of Covid-19 cases in Surabaya by implementing them micro lockdown.

According to Fikser, if a positive case is found in an alley or village alley, then the closure will be carried out in the alley by the Tangguh Wani Village Jogo Suroboyo task force.

“It means that there is not only one RT / RW, in one alley it can be locked. If in one alley there is one, two or three positive cases of Covid-19 distribution, yes in the alley it will be closed, blocked,” he said.

“Because the important thing is that the deployment of Covid-19 was made at a lower level. We continue to do it,” said Fikser.

The high number of Covid-19 cases in Surabaya is called because of testing rapid test and massive test swabs.

Refer to the data on the lawancovid-19 website. until July 8, 2020, residents who have already been through rapid test reached 101,532 people.

Of that number, 91,338 people were declared non-reactive, 10,118 people were reactive, and 76 people were invalid.

While there were 24,975 people who had taken swab tests, 24,659 swab test results, while 316 people had not yet come out.

From the swab test results that have come out as many as 24,659 people, 17,297 people were declared negative, 7,159 positive statuses, and 203 people were invalid statuses.

This mass test has been carried out by the Surabaya City Government since receiving assistance from the PCR laboratory car from the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) and the State Intelligence Agency in May 2020.

“Mass tests will continue to be carried out, so that they can know how they are spread in one place and another. This must be sought because (Covid-19) cannot be seen, look for it with the swab. That’s why it was carried out massively,” said Fikser.

As long as the pandemic is not over, rapid tests and swab tests will continue to be carried out in large quantities by all Surabaya residents.

According to Fikser, public awareness to do rapid test and swab tests independently rated are getting higher.

At present almost all hospitals and health centers also open services for swab examinations.

“This means that public awareness to maintain their health and not infect others is very high. The amount is anything, the more the better,” said Fikser.

In addition to the increasing number of Covid-19 cases, the death rate of Covid-19 patients in Surabaya is still high.

Since June 25 to date, there have been dozens of positive Covid-19 patients reported dead.

As of July 9, 2020, the death rate of Covid-19 patients in Surabaya reached 573 cases.

Unfortunately, Fikser was reluctant to respond to what caused many Covid-19 patients to die in Surabaya.

“If I die, I don’t dare to talk because it is related to the medical, yes. If it is not I dare. Because it must be evaluated again because of what,” said Fikser.

However, Fikser said that on average patients died because Covid-19 had comorbid or comorbid diseases.

“There are more comorbid deaths. If you look at the results of the evaluation, diabetes is the highest, followed by other diseases,” Fikser said.

Although the positive number of cases and the death rate of Covid-19 continues to increase, the City Government of Surabaya has managed to maintain the recovery rate or cure rate of Covid-19 patients.

Until July 9, 2020, the recovery rate of Covid-19 patients in Surabaya was recorded at 3,219 patients recovering.

The recovery rate of Covid-19 patients continues to increase thanks to the treatment by medical personnel.

On the other hand, the Surabaya City Government is said to always provide nutritious food, supplementary food, vitamins, as was done for Covid-19 patients who were quarantined at the Hajj Dormitory Hotel.

At the Hajj Dormitory Hotel, no Covid-19 patient feels stressed or depressed. Because every day they meet with other patients and are free to meet and do anything in the hostel area.

“Every morning gymnastics, meeting with friends, we also set a good resting hour. So they are more organized. Not stressed, because we can meet anyone and walk in the neighborhood of the Hajj Dormitory Hotel,” said Fikser.

“Kuta is grateful to medical staff who have sought to cure patients. So that the trend also continues to increase,” said Fikser added.

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