This is the Cause of Biznet’s Internet Down This Evening – Service users Biznet complaining about connection problems internet on Wednesday (22/6/2022) afternoon around 15.00 WIB.

Reports of this disturbance are also monitored from the site Downdetector. The number of nuisance reports began to increase rapidly at that time.

Biznet also confirmed the internet service interruption. According to Bagus Wicaksono, Vice President Marketing of Biznet Networks, this problem is caused by interference with international links.

Bagus said, the service interruption occurred for 15 minutes.

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“To follow up on this problem, our team in the field has made efforts to repair and the disturbance has been resolved. Thus, services and international links used by customers have gradually returned to normal,” said Bagus to KompasTeknoWednesday (22/6/2022).

Bagus also apologized to the customer for this disruption.

“We will also continue to monitor customer service and make our best efforts so that the same incident does not happen again,” said Bagus.

Monitoring KompasTekno on site Downdetector.idrelated to Biznet’s internet disruption, it has decreased since 16.00.

From that page, this disturbance appears to have occurred in the Greater Jakarta area, Bandung, Surabaya, and Denpasar.

Today, Biznet’s internet connection disruption was also crowded on social media. Customers complained on Twitter whilemention @BiznetHome account.

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Like one of the accounts with handle @Delt4mix who complained about the unstable connection.

Then there is also the @GerhanaUli account which says that Biznet has been experiencing frequent disturbances lately.

In line with the two accounts above, a Twitter account with handle @Arsa_Adilla also complained about the same thing. He said that Biznet’s connection was having problems and it continued to Request Time Out (RTO).

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