This is the Candidate for ‘Destroyer’ Nmax and PCX Scooters

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – More and more motor vehicle manufacturers are interested in producing premium scooters. This also has the potential to also happen in Indonesia and will make the competition for automatic scooters in the country even tighter.

So far, there are at least two types of motorcycles that dominate and are easily found on the streets, namely Yamaha NMAX and Honda PCX. Recently, the automatic scooter competitors Honda PCX 160 and Yamaha NMAX have a new competitor, namely the 2022 GPX Drone which has been released in Thailand.

In Thailand, the GPX Drone is offered in two types and two price variants. The standard version sells for 68,900 baht or the equivalent of Rp. 30.3 million. While for the most expensive version equipped with a keyless key system, it sells for 72,800 baht or Rp. 32 million.

While the NMAX 155 Standard Type in Thailand is sold for 85,900 baht or around Rp. 37.8 million. Likewise, the PCX 160 Standard type is priced at 85,900 baht or around Rp. 37.8 million.

While in Indonesia, the standard type NMAX is priced at Rp. 30.2 million and Rp. 34.3 million for the ABS Connected type. If this motorbike enters Indonesia, the price offered by the GPX Drone will be cheaper than its competitors, the same as in Thailand.

The features offered by the GPX Drone 2022 are quite up-to-date. There is a digital instrument panel, full LED lights (headlights, brake lights, and turn signal lights), as well as other advanced and functional features such as a keyless key system, and USB Charging.

The GPX drone is the first premium scooter from GPX made in collaboration with the SYM brand. SYM or Sanyang Motor is a two-wheeled automotive brand from Taiwan, which is known for its scooter products.

2Wheels Sales & Marketing Department Head of PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS) Yohan Yahya revealed that Suzuki also sees the premium scooter market growing. However, the time to release a motorcycle in this segment is still a matter of time.

“Regarding premium matics in Indonesia, the market is getting bigger and we are aware of that too. But this year we are still focusing on existing products, especially since the current situation is still in the pandemic period,” Yohan told CNBC Indonesia, Friday (30/7/). 21).

In fighting in the scooter segment, Suzuki has several types of motorcycles that are a mainstay, including the Suzuki Nex II, Suzuki Address FI and Suzuki Address Playful. However, in competing with the NMax-PCX duo, Suzuki has not released its ammunition.

“We focus on maintaining the safety and health of our dealers, vendors and employees first. Next, we will definitely follow every market development,” said Yohan.

Actually Suzuki also has strong ammunition to be able to compete in the premium scooter market, namely the Suzuki Burgman which is currently paving in India. This motorbike is fairly sophisticated by carrying a bluetooth system and has a navigation system like the Suzuki All New Access 125 model.

The Suzuki Brugman 125 is also equipped with phone and SMS reminder features, WhatsApp, estimated time of arrival, speed warning when overloading, and the cellphone battery level indicator can also be seen by the rider on the motorcycle indicator.

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