“This is the beginning of a not so long path, but an intense and interesting one,” Semak reports about the start in the Champions League – Football

Head coach Zenith Sergey Semak before the game against Rubin, he told how the team was affected by the defeat at Club Brugge in Champions League (1:2).

– Sergei Bogdanovich, the defeat on Tuesday was very offensive. What mood is the team in now? What is the best way to get the positive charge back in times like this?

– As for the charge, the most important thing is to quickly play the next game. Our task is to recover and prepare for the next match, despite the unpleasant result for us in the first round of the Champions League.

– Ahead game with “Ruby”… In your opinion, why are Kazan citizens dangerous?

– A fairly young team, very balanced, looks very good. In many ways, the team is at the top, if you take both the quality of the game and many other factors. A very interesting, good opponent, a difficult match awaits us.

– You know Leonid Slutsky very well. Does this help in preparation, and how has Rubin changed under him?

– Of course, Rubin added. The guys played, and the tactical scheme, according to which the team plays, naturally assumes the use of the best qualities of the players and the ideas that Leonid Viktorovich has. I know him very well, but I don’t think it somehow helps in preparation.

– How much does the match against Borussia, which will take place a few days after Saturday’s game, affect the preparation?

– Rather, the match played with “Bruges”… Naturally, with a good mood it is easier to recover and prepare. In any case, we must do our job and prepare for the next match.

– Were you surprised that Dortmund lost to Lazio?

– Yes. I cannot say that this is something out of the ordinary or a sensation, but, of course, the result is quite unexpected. Dortmund is a very strong team.

– Victory Lazio twisted the situation in the group?

– We will see. Initially, on paper, it looked like a more obvious favorite. Borussia… But this is football and anything is possible. This is the beginning of a rather intense journey, not so long, but interesting. And let’s see what happens at the end of the tournament, – Semak said.

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