This is the Advanced Missile System Dubbed Iran’s Iron Dome


TEHERAN Iran showcased the new missile defense system at the Sky Defenders Velayat 1400 combat exercise. This advanced missile system was dubbed by Middle Eastern journalists as “ Iron Dome “Iran because it is similar to Israel’s famous missile system.

The name and specifications of the defense system are still secret. However, at a glance images and videos in combat exercises show the system was tested against various air threats and successfully intercepted them.

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according to Fars News Iran-based Head of National Air Defense Base Brigadier General Amir Qader Rahimzadeh has announced the news that a strong and multi-layered defense against cruise missile attacks is one of the goals of the joint special air defense exercise of the Sky Defenders Velayat 1400 mission.

Images of the new air defense system were published for the first time. “Due to the different features of this system with other missile air defense systems in the country, official information of this new system has not been published,” it wrote. Fars News.

other Iranian media, Tasnim News, goes a step further in looking at that aspect of the system. It said the system had four launch tubes and could carry eight to 12 missiles. This will make it similar in some ways to Israel’s Iron Dome, but also comparable to the South African Umkhonto missile system and its truck version, built by Denel Dynamics.

Iran has in the past also tried to emulate South African drones.

“In this case, each system unit achieves high mobility and high stability in the combat environment with relative independence from the secondary vehicle carrying the radar.” Tasnim News, quoted The Jerusalem Post, Thursday (14/10/2021).

The report said the system has a 360-degree radar range and the missile is launched vertically.

That means it can simultaneously engage multiple targets. “Due to the need for high accuracy to track targets accurately, this radar is likely to operate in the X-band,” the report added.



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