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Al-Marsad newspaper: The writer, Abdullah bin Bakhit, commented on what some young people did to organize a masquerade party, and what they were denied, in his new article published in “Okaz”, entitled “What Is it more authentic, our Halloween or American Halloween?”

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The writer said: What happened in terms of denial of the costume party (Halloween) that was held by some young people was a real and indisputable denial, but we were just wrong in justification. It was more appropriate to say that these are our products that are marketed to us. You cannot bring foreign dates and market them in the Kingdom.

He explained: All kinds of dates are available in our country at all quality levels and are available in all seasons, and the Kingdom is one of the leading date export countries in the world. After all this, it doesn’t make sense for someone to set up an exhibition to market foreign dates in Riyadh

The writer believed that, on this basis, foreign Halloween parties held in the Kingdom should be rejected, as the Kingdom’s Halloween parties surpass, in their diversity and quality, Halloween, not only in America, but also in the Central Africa itself.


And he added, “Ben Bakhit,” we have lived through the last forty years, brimming with Halloween, until the separation between jinn and humans disappeared from our lives. Rather, the matter came that foreign jinn started abandoning their distant homes and coming to the land of the Two Holy Mosques. Some of them come for good and beneficent purposes, but most of them come for evil worldly purposes, most of which are in response to a sorcerer’s request to do what is asked of them, or to enter one of the Our wicked women and the increase in the number of legitimate witchcraft is just witnessing the increase in the number of jinn and demons. With a quick glance at the movement of pilgrims into the homes, hospitals, cemeteries and boarding houses they rent, you will confirm that the number of pilgrims in the Kingdom exceeds the number of doctors and engineers combined. Only our best preachers can compete with them in numbers. There is no doubt that for this huge number of wizards there are equal and more wizards.


The writer addressed his speech to the reader saying: You can imagine the great conflict that broke out in the Kingdom between the wizards on the one hand and our illustrious legal scholars, and if it hadn’t been for the wholehearted support given by our illustrious preachers for our illustrious legal scholars, the task of our distinguished legal scholars would become more difficult, which will force Saudi society to turn all its men into the best legitimizers. We should have suspended scholarships in Western countries and sent our children to receive knowledge in Central Africa and among the Brazilian Amazonian tribes We would have sent our elite students to primitive tribes whose presence was discovered a few years ago in the Philippine forests .


And he added: This will prompt us to hand over the task of planning education in the Kingdom to the Magic Unit of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice. It is worthy of education leadership if we know that this unit of magic is the first institution in the history of mankind to offer courses in deciphering magic with scientific methods.


And he continued: “There is no doubt that some of the jinn, and truth be told, come to receive knowledge and attend the useful lessons offered by some sheikhs. Some of them come to help decipher magic by scientific means and to cancel it, and all this to seek reward and multiply good works.

Our Halloween

He pointed out: Those who protested against the holding of Halloween parties in the Kingdom were right. Americans do not have the necessary Halloween experience: they abandoned the jinn, goblins and demons hundreds of years ago, and this Halloween, which they celebrate every year, is nothing but nonsense and fun, while our Halloween is still original and good as it was in the Middle Ages.

And “Ben Bakhit” considered that Americans celebrate Halloween only one day a year, while our lives for the past forty years have turned into one prolonged Halloween. In homes, in nursing homes, on satellite TV, on YouTube, in cemeteries, bonfires, neighborhoods and abandoned homes.

He concluded his article with regret, our mount on imitation and a sense of inferiority in front of the Americans. Should the young man ask why America is superior to us in matters of jinn, demons and sorcerers? Remember, our children, that there are centuries between us and the West

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