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  • 09 December 2022
    2:54 pm

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  • Something not seen every day on ‘Get Rich’ stunned viewers and host alike. Exactly one second proved to be decisive for the final outcome of a rather complicated situation, which ultimately brought the participant 10,000 levs.

    Ekaterina Koppelin, who came to participate in the competition mostly from France, experienced incredible emotions on the makeshift chair, after her father managed to help her, changing her decision at the last possible moment.

    To the question “What is Naida Mancheva, twice a hero of socialist labor and an emblem of socialism in Bulgaria?” with possible answers “Rose Picker”, “Grape Picker”, “Multi-machine Weaver” and “Chemical Engineer”, Ekaterina initially bet on “Rose Picker”, but hesitation led her to a prankster “Call a Friend ” – in the case of his father.

    “It’s a time when I was born. I was young, but I remember well the transition, the curtain down and everything. I think it must have been connected in some way to the quintuplets, to being infinitely productive. That’s why you I imagine her as a multi-machine weaver rather than a rose or grape picker. I’m not sure whether chemical engineers, like my grandmother, became heroes of socialist labour. I imagine them as strong women in aprons,” said Caterina.

    Plovdiv’s most handsome doctor won $20,000 from ‘Get Rich’

    His father Kuncho Nikolov, hearing the question, initially threw the answer “Rosoberachka”. When asked if he was sure about his answer, he replied “yes,” but changed his mind at the last second to “Multi-Machine Weaver,” who also brought a BGN 10,000 check to Ekaterina, reports show.blitz .bg .

    Rositsa Valentinova


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