This is not love: psychologists explained what “butterflies in the stomach” really are

– When we hear about “butterflies in the stomach”, the thought immediately arises that this is about love. Rather, it is about falling in love – a pleasant feeling when interest in another person suddenly wakes up, but we are not yet sure of his mutual response or the relationship has just begun.

Biologists, chemists, physicians, psychologists, and earlier philosophers, have sought to explain this phenomenon. Much more is known today than in the days of Plato and Socrates.

Biologists say that the instinct turns on, and perhaps the “butterflies” are sex drive, which we take for love.

Chemists decompose this into the interaction of chemicals in the body, endocrinologists have accurately established that endorphin is responsible for “butterflies”, oxytocin is responsible for the desire to kiss. It is also the hormone of attraction, trust, love, hugs.

Neuroscientists believe that the neurohormone dopamine causes positive emotions, adrenaline provides a surge of emotions and goosebumps when a person sees the object of his adoration.

The position of psychologists about “butterflies” is as follows: during love the body is stressed. It is more often positive, because it causes positive emotions, joy, inspiration and delight.

A person needs emotions that make us alive, feeling. Falling in love gives a feeling of real life, interest in another, quivering expectation of reciprocity. Thanks to these emotions, humanity acquires brilliant creations – in music, in poetry, in paintings that leave no one indifferent. All the best masterpieces are written about love and often in a state of love or falling in love.

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