This is New York’s largest living room (and arguably the most beautiful) | LIVING.

Then you have the largest living room in the entire city. The stylishly furnished living room covers no less than 279 square meters, with a very high ceiling as well. The impressive windows have a length of more than six meters, as can be seen in a video with the broker.

The entire apartment, 100 Barclay Penthouse, is 1300 square meters and is located in a building that dates from 1927. The unique exterior of the building is built brick by brick. Far too expensive for the current construction techniques of other modern skyscrapers, which the complex surrounds itself with. The building stands next to the new One World Trade Center, or Freedom Tower, which was built after the former Twin Towers collapsed in the attack on September 11, 2001.

From the penthouse, the view is breathtaking, with a view of the famous Empire State Building and south to the Statue of Liberty. When the sun goes down, the window decoration creates beautiful works of art on the wall. It’s the little extras that come with one of the most spectacular apartments in the world.

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