This is my place! Krmenčík’s teammate loses the Champions League due to an argument in a bus

A quarrel over the order of business on the team bus cost Brugg forward Emmanuel Dennis a place in the squad for today’s Champions League match in Dortmund. Coach Philippe Clément did not want to specify the information of the Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws at the pre-match press conference, but only confirmed that the Nigerian footballer is not nominated for disciplinary reasons.

According to the media, 23-year-old Dennis was upset that he could not get on his favorite seat on the bus due to coronavirus measures and the need to keep his distance. After the quarrel, a teammate of the Czech national team member Michael Krmenčík ran off the bus and did not travel to Germany at all.

At a press conference, Clément confirmed that Dennis was in good health and that his dismissal was subject to disciplinary action. “He didn’t follow the club rules, that’s all I want to say. I’d rather focus on the players I have at my disposal,” said Clément.

One minute after arriving on the field, the molehound recorded for the winning Brugg

Dennis, who has been working in Bruges since 2017, contributed a goal to the Belgian club’s victory in the opening match of this year’s Champions League against St. Petersburg. Bruges is third in Group F with four points from three matches behind Dortmund and Lazio.

Last season, Dennis signed a 2: 2 draw with Real Madrid in an elite European competition with two goals.


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