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When we update our Xiaomi we run the risk that this new update contains bugs. Although Xiaomi tests each new version before launching it, like any other software there may be undetected errors that spoil our user experience.

It is not the first time that an update released by Xiaomi negatively affects certain smartphones. Without going any further, there are certain versions that they worsen the battery life without apparent cause.

That is why, in those cases and waiting for Xiaomi to solve it, there is the possibility of roll back a MIUI update. In itself, what we can do is go back to a previous version of MIUI, making the operation of our smartphone, Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO, go back to being as before.

How to go back to a previous version of MIUI: roll back an update of your Xiaomi

If we have detected that after updating our Xiaomi it presents an error, failure or bug, the first thing to do is check which version we have. To do this, just go to Settings> Phone information> MIUI version and write down the version we have installed.

After that we will proceed to download the update prior to the one we have. For this we recommend you make use of Downmi, a totally free portal where we will find practically all the versions of MIUI for our smartphone, either MIUI 11 O MIUI 12.

Once the update that we want to reinstall on our smartphone has been downloaded, we will have to rename it. To do this, from the MIUI file manager we will look for the downloaded update and name it ««. In addition, we must also move it to the root folder.

Finally, it will only be enough to install this update manually. This is done in the following way:

  1. Go to Settings> My Device> System Update
  2. Once inside we will click on the three points in the upper right part and then we access the option «Select upgrade package».
  3. Finally, it will be enough to choose the update in .zip download and proceed with its update.

If this option does not appear, it will have to be unlocked by accessing Settings> My device> System update and then press 10 times on the «11» of MIUI.

Return to MIUI 11 from MIUI 12

It should be noted that if we search return to MIUI 11 from MIUI 12, this process is not worth us. Although it may work, the truth is that when changing from one major update to another we run the risk that it does not work well or that our smartphone does not work correctly.

This is how you go back to a previous version of MIUI: revert a buggy update from your Xiaomi.  News Xiaomi Addicts

Go back to MIUI 11 from MIUI 12, one of the most repeated questions by users.

If you have updated your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO to MIUI 12 and you want to go back to MIUI 11 because the battery lasts less, we recommend you follow these steps. Also, if your smartphone seems to go further, these tricks will help you.

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  1. Please help.. I did everything to try and downgrade this cursed v12.2.7 update on my mi 10 5g and its saying “flash older version is not allowed” ????

  2. Please help i can not useing my note 8pro
    Can not new version updating and can not useing my old version

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