This is how we will get Crimea back!

New armaments from the United States and other allies will allow Ukraine to regain all “temporarily occupied territories, including Crimea.” Kyiv has already identified a set of moves that will be implemented after the arrival of new shipments of military aid. This was stated by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Alexei Reznikov in an interview with CNN, reported “Darik“.

“We will liberate all our territories, everything, including Crimea. Crimea is a strategic goal for Ukraine because it is Ukrainian territory. But we will go step by step, “he said.

The Pentagon has confirmed: The promised US M777 howitzers have already been delivered to Kyiv

According to the Minister of Defense, further actions of the Ukrainian troops after the new arms deliveries will be divided into three stages. In the first stage, it is planned to stabilize the situation on the front in order to prevent losses in the battles against Russian forces.

The second step is to push the Russians to the borders since February 24, when the Russian Federation launched a full-scale invasion. In the third stage, “ways to liberate other territories, including Crimea,” will be discussed with Ukraine’s partners.

The journalist asked Reznikov if an attempt to recapture the peninsula could provoke Russia. The Minister replied that this issue had not been addressed.

Medvedev said Moscow would respond if Kyiv fired US missiles at Russian territory

“Does not matter. Because they [руснаците] they will see it in Kherson, they will see it in Zaporizhia, they will see it in Mariupol, that these are Ukrainian lands, and Crimea is also Ukrainian land, regardless of everything, ”Reznikov summed up.

On June 15, a meeting of Ukraine’s Western partners took place in the Rammstein-3 format. As a result of the negotiations, a decision was made to supply new weapons to Ukraine. The United States will donate artillery, HIMARS multiple rocket launchers and Harpoons anti-ship missiles. Slovakia will send helicopters, Canada, Poland and the Netherlands – artillery, and Germany – MLRS.

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