This is how the televisions have divided the Christmas hits. TV Seznam also acquired some

Czech TV stations pay a total of tens of millions of crowns each year for the broadcasting rights to Czech films produced before 1991. Vlasta Buriancomedies from the socialist era or traditional fairy tales help to finance the maintenance of the film heritage thanks to the unchanged interest of television.

Last year, for example, the free-to-air channels aired a total of 115 films with a premiere date before 1964 (the National Film Archive gives permission for their release). Another 270 films were with a production date of 1964-1991. These are edited by the State Fund for Cinematography, and the National Film Archive trades them on the basis of a framework agreement.

The greatest concentration of old movies is on screens during the Christmas and New Year holidays. Each station wants to receive the most attractive fairy tales, because whole families will gather in front of the television. The main producer of new fairy tales is Czech television, which also regularly wins holiday ratings. Commercial television has also invested in fairy tales over the years, but their total number is nowhere near what the public service broadcaster has ‘in stock’.

That is why private media try to make the best offer and get proven magnets for public favor, such as the fairy tale Three Nuts for Cinderella. This was shown on Czech television on Christmas day for several consecutive years. This year it was won by TV Nova. It is said that he will return to ČT1 next year.

Czech television

“The Christmas Eve fairy tale is for us one of the imaginary highlights of the annual program. A phenomenon that can bring several generations of viewers to the screens at once. Czech television has been keeping the tradition for 29 years and this year will not be different We will present a fairy tale from the film in the television premiere The old girl’s secret 2 and an epic TV fairy tale for Christmas The Secret of Krakonosh. Both have everything that beautiful fairy tales should have. They are funny, exciting and always have a good ending,” says the CEO of Czech television Petr Dvořák.

The Secret of the Old Bambitka 2 loosely follows the plot of the first part of the successful TV fairy tale of the same name. The sequel will introduce a new character in addition to the familiar heroes. That’s Queen Juliet in submission Veronika Khek Kubarováwhich feuding former councilors are trying to exploit to their advantage.

A mysterious Vlach book, a mysterious stranger and the new owner of a castle at the foot of the Krkonoše will play an important role in the second first story, which is the secret of Krakonoš. ČT1 will show it on Christmas day.

“I was sad that for a long time there were no films or TV shows dedicated to Krakonosh, because he is an extremely interesting and original character, and there are not many of them in our fairy tales. When I wrote the script, the only role that I had a clear idea it was Krakonosh and David Švehlik,” adds ČT’s story writer and creative producer Barbara Johnson.

There will be several dozen fairy tales in the Christmas schedule of Czech television, the mentioned first part of “Bambitka” will not be missing, both parts Angel of the Lordlast year’s Christmas Eve story How not to marry a princess nor other popular films (incl. Beds, Proud princess, Lotrando and Zubejda, Alone in the forest, Marečka, give me the pen!). They are a specialty of the pre-Christmas program Advent concerts on Czech television.

New TV

“On Christmas Eve we will present the most classic of cinematic fairy tales – this year, in prime time, we will present the immortal Three walnuts for Cinderella with legendary Libusa Safranková. As part of the Christmas programme, we will also be offering a recent Norwegian remake of this Czechoslovakian “family silver” called Three wishes for Cinderella,” invites the director of the Nova program Silvia Maieska.

The longest running series in the history of national television, in prime time Street, will have a special Christmas Eve episode. Also, this year’s event will not take place in the familiar environment of Hostivař’s studio backdrops. Instead of familiar decorations, it takes viewers to Šumava, in the small town of Kašperské Hory, where one of the most popular characters in the series comes from. “It shouldn’t be a classic episode of The Street, which takes place from morning to night, time can flow a little differently here, just like the story itself. We would like the Christmas special to be more elaborate, to take it out of the studios and to pleasantly surprise its viewers with something every year,” explains the creative producer Silvia Klasova.

Paid video store Voyo will bring a miniseries King of Shumava: Phantom of the Dark Regionshot for Nova by one of the most successful Czech directors David Ondříček.

The usual fairy tales will also appear in the TV Nova broadcasts Three brothers or The coolest puzzletrilogy Sun, hay…comedy I enjoy the world with you or a popular movie The village has a centre.

TV First

Christmas Day on Prima will offer pretty fairy tales during the day (Hurvínek and the magical museum, Darbujan and Pandrhola or Seven ravens). He put an American comedy on prime time Home alonewhich will be followed by a romantic film about love that knows no bounds – Together forever. The day of celebration will end with a crazy comedy Moms on the go at Christmas.

There will be a special edition of the talk show as early as December 20th Honzy Dedek under the title 7 falls with the Song – television decided to dedicate it to the memory of the late singer Hana Zagorová. It will then appear in prime time on Friday 23 December Christmas Special We love the Czech Republic.

For traditional fairy tales, Prima won this year Prince and Večernici (December 26), Crazy sad princess (December 27) or The third prince (December 28). It will present a fairy tale from the most recent ones When the dragon has a headache (25th December).

TV Barrandov

Christmas Day in Barrandová passes almost without entertainment Jaromir Soukup. In the program published for December 24 there is only one: the morning Cooking with Soukup. Traditionally, the mainstay of the evening broadcast will be a concert by a Dutch violinist. Andre Rieu play songs with him Johann Strauss and the recording special guest from Maastricht is for example Lu Bega. It’s a concert from 2016 and will practically fill the entire prime time. Half an hour before midnight, it will be the turn of the replay Exclusive to Kateřina Brožová St Dagmar Havelov.

On Sunday, December 25, Barrandova viewers can watch old programs focused on Charles Gout. All the loves of Karl Gott substitute The Secret of Karl Gottafter which it comes Kateřina Brožová exclusive with Karl Gott. Also on this day the owner of the television will cook only in the morning block.

TV list

“This year’s Christmas on Seznam TV will feature the most famous Czech fairy tales, which will be complemented by selected foreign titles in the broadcast. I am very happy that we managed to provide a great Christmas program for the whole family, to which I cordially invite spectators,” he says Ivan MiculaSeznam television director.

A fairytale Christmas will start on December 23 with Pankrác, Bimbác and Servác in a family comedy Three veterans. Christmas day will therefore belong to fairy tales There are no jokes with devils self How the princesses wake up. On Christmas day, TV Seznam will offer titles About the brave blacksmith, Baton, out of the bag! a Once upon a time there was a king… The second Christmas holiday will be experienced by Eva and Honzík in a comedy Octopus from the second floor.

But the festive program will start on Wednesday 21 December with a special programme My seats. Guests will be the princes of fairy tales Jan Censky a Jan Budarwhich will be completed by the princess Sabina Laurinova. The Christmas special will follow a day later The Cases of Detective Murdoch.

Christmas program announced







24. 12.

The secret of old Bambi 2 (7.00 pm)

Angel of the Lord 2 (20.40)

The story of birth

The young messiah

Three Walnuts for Cinderella (8.30pm)

Heavenly love (21.50)

Home alone

Together forever

André Rieu: Romanticism in Maastricht

Kateřina Brožová exclusive with Dagmar Havelová

There are no jokes with devils

25. 12.

The Secret of Krakonosh

Marečka, give me the pen!



The coolest puzzle

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Her again!

All the loves of Karl Gott

Karl Gott’s Secret

About the brave blacksmith

26. 12.

About the poinsettia

The village has a centre

The green mile

Prince in Vecernice

Octopus from the second floor

Compiled on the basis of press releases and program overviews of television stations. Subject to changes.

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