This is how the second day of the Apertura 2021 of the Promotion League will be played

San Pedro Sula, Honduras. (HSI) – The second day of the Apertura 2021 tournament began yesterday Friday from League of Ascent with the action of group C and the triumph of Real Juventud over Atlético Esperanzano.

This Saturday the day continues with the games in group D2, areas where the clubs are: Génesis Huracán, Affi Academia, Broncos, Cedrito and Inter.

Juticalpa, Giorgie Welcome’s team will also have action in their group when they host Arsenal on Olanchao soil.

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-Group A1:

3:00 pm Tela FC VS. National FC. (Sunday, September 12)

3:00 pm Santa Rosa FC VS. Junior Athletic. (Sunday, September 12)

(Rest; San José Clash)

-Group A2:

6:45 pm Boca Juniors VS. Social Sol. (Monday, September 13)

3:00 pm Saturday FC VS. Alvarado. (Sunday, September 12)

(Rest: Yoro FC)

-B Group:

7:30 pm Real Juventud 3-0 Atlético Esperanzano. (Friday, September 10)

3:00 pm Sports Savio VS. Lepaera. (Sunday, September 12)

3:00 pm San Juan VS. Western Olympia. (Sunday, September 12)

-Group C:

Lone 2-2 Villanueva FC.

Atlético Choloma 1-0 Parrillas One.

(Rested: Independent)

-Group D1:

7:00 PM Juticalpa VS. Arsenal. (Saturday, September 11)

3:30 PM Red Star VS. Gymnastic. (Sunday, September 12)

(Rest: Olancho FC).

-Group D2:

3:00 pm Genesis Hurricane VS. Broncos (Saturday, September 11)

7:00 pm AFFI Academia VS. Cedritos. (Saturday September 11)

(Rest: Inter)

Promotion: Atlético Choloma takes the lead of group ‘C’ after a win against Parrillas.


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