This is how Robert Górski lives and lives every day from the “Moral Anxiety” cabaret. A beautiful house in Masuria [17.01.23]

Robert Górski is one of the biggest stars of the Polish cabaret scene. For years, he has entertained millions of Poles in front of TV sets to tears. It turns out that the comedian is very family-oriented. In social media, he willingly shares private photos of him spending time with his wife and children. See how he lives and lives every day.

Robert Górski has been present on the cabaret scene for nearly 30 years. He founded Cabaret Moral Anxiety together with his friends from college – Przemysław Borkowski, Rafał Zbiec and Mikołaj Cieślak, and they perform in this line-up to this day. The audience knows him primarily from numerous festivals and cabaret events, as well as television programs, such as “Kabaretowy Klub Dwójki” on TVP2 or the series “Spadkobiercy”. The online political series “President’s Ear” created by him in 2017-2019 was also very popular.

Privately, Robert Górski has a son, Antoni, and a daughter, Malina. Since 2019, he has been associated with journalist Monika Sobień.

It turns out that the star of the Polish cabaret leads a very calm and family life on a daily basis. In social media, Robert Górski willingly shares with fans photos in which he poses with his wife and children.

Check out in our gallery how the famous comedian lives and lives for a day. Here are Robert Górski’s private photos:

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