This is how “Miss Laura” looked at 18 years old, in a bikini

Let the wretch pass! Is the best known phrase of the host of the controversial talk shows. Now the presenter has left everyone with their mouths open with her youth photographs.

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Laura Bozzo is a well-known figure in the media in several countries, because through several years the lawyer by profession has remained in the public eye and, either because of her controversial work on television or the scandals in her personal life always gives something to talk about.

In addition to all the vicissitudes throughout her career, ranging from her love affairs to her house arrest in Peru, the presenter has also changed physically. In her official Instagram account, Bozzo released unpublished photographs of her youth, when she was just beginning in her professional work.

Born in Peru in 1951 and of Italian descent, the so-called “lawyer for the poor” says that from her early years she was always insubordinate and very rebellious, in addition to showing her dissatisfaction with the injustices she realized.

One of the images that have attracted a lot of attention on her Instagram are those in which the driver is seen when she was 18 and 21 years old.

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