This is how Luciana, daughter of Lorena Rojas, looks now

Almost 6 years after the death of the actress Lorraine Rojas, his daughter Luciana he celebrated with his aunt MAyra Rojas, who was left in charge of his tutelage, an unforgettable ‘Three Kings Day’ in which the traditional rosca started.

In 2015, the tragic news of the death in the city of Miami of the actress of TV soaps Lorena Rojas, when she had just turned 44 years old, due to liver cancer of which she had been diagnosed, and with which she had struggled since 2008.

However, before the death of Lorena Rojas, she managed to complete the adoption procedures for her daughter Luciana, in 2013, with whom she only managed to live with her for just under two years.

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After the death of the actress, which shocked the middle of the show, Lorena Rojas prepared the paperwork so that the custody of the girl will be in charge of her older sister, also actress Mayra Rojas.

This is how Luciana, daughter of Lorena Rojas, looks now. Instagram

Since then, Luciana has lived under the tutelage of her aunt Mayra with whom she spends great moments, such as the one that the actress recently shared in a photo with her niece, in which they cut the rosca de Reyes on January 6 .

It is worth mentioning that after Luciana’s legal adoption, the procedures were carried out for her to obtain Mexican nationality, which they obtained after 3 years of long documentation process.

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For the actress Mayra Rojas, Lorena’s death represented a severe blow, however, she frequently remembers it through Luciana, since the responsibility for having become her tutor is a very great commitment.

“The absence of my sister is tremendous and it is something with which I will live the rest of my life, because I miss her very much, but Luciana makes me remember all the time that I have a commitment to her that I know she knows perfectly well that her daughter is cared for by me and it is also a brutal joy, seeing her grow, how she develops is a gift that perhaps I would not have had to experience so closely, “he said on the program ‘Sale el Sol’.

Mayra also adopted one of her two children, with whom little Luciana lives, who are like her siblings. In an interview with Mara Patricia Castañeada on her YouTube channel, she spoke about her sister’s condition.

“My sister and we all suffered from cancer for nine years, it started in the breast, then she was discharged, we jumped with pleasure and it was a bit complicated because the doctors in Miami did not give her the real diagnosis and they had to wait, we passed a stage one to a stage three overnight. Because the cancer had invaded her nodes and the doctor had not removed the nodes, “he explained.

After many treatments and the resurgence of cancer in other organs of the body, as well as the emotional exhaustion caused by the disease, in addition to losing her home in Miami, and later after the death of Lorena Rojas in February 2015, the suicide of her Jorge Monje couple, quite a case, the actress decided to leave Mayra a great responsibility that was the care of her daughter Luciana.

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