Sport This is how Lech's supporter founded Lechia / Olimpia....

This is how Lech’s supporter founded Lechia / Olimpia. Jerzy Łupicki: I lived as I wanted


Jerzy Łupicki was an activist of the Lech and Olimpia Poznań clubs and the Lechia / Olimpia club from Gdańsk. In a conversation with Interia, he reveals the backstage of the latter’s rise and functioning.

Maciej Słomiński, Interia: A quarter of a century ago there was a merger of III league Lechia Gdańsk and I league Olimpia Poznań. Whose idea was that?

Jerzy Łupicki: Let’s start with the fact that I’m not from the first round-up. I was the king of supporters of Lech Poznań.

And not “Luluś”?

– Together we were on the front line. He once had money, but he lost everything. He died recently, I spoke at his funeral, until my tears flew. It was the largest funeral the homeless had. To understand all this, you would have to come to me here for a month. I was in Lech from a young age, the second was Bartek “Rzeźnik”, who is also dead. “Luluś” also rode, but in a different team. He was an ardent supporter like us. When we lost 0-6 with Wisla Kraków in 1983, we came back to the salon, we stopped in Ostrów. “Luluś” wanted to lie under the train that “Kolejorz” lost and defies his first championship in history: “I don’t want to live anymore” – he shouted. Lazarek, like him, after losing the match began to blame everyone around.

However, you won this championship, the first in history for “Kolejorz”.

– Something broke then. It’s the worst thing if you love something, you work to make your favorite club succeed, but all the splendor falls on someone you don’t like.

In the decisive match Lech won 2-0 in Zabrze, after two goals by Janusz Kupcewicz, scored after the assistance of Mirosław Okoński.

We bought Okoński from Legia for our money, for the company with “Kolejorz”. Kaziu Górski, a wise man, was a Legia coach at the time and said: “There is no employee from a slave.” We had to give back the money he got. Bartek had his butcher’s cars and organized a move. We also bought Kupcewicz from the Ark for our money. We, Poznanian privateers, or, as it used to be said, stalkers.

The day before the match in Zabrze we played a match with supporters of Górnik. Penalties were to be decided and I used the decisive one. Journalist Stasi Gancarczyk wrote in the newspaper: “The decisive goal of the supporter king Lech, the day before the match!”

It was interesting times.

– I could have become a footballer and earn several thousand. After the army I ended up at a gas station where I earned a thousand, but a day. The commandant, doctor and prosecutor worked together with me, where they earned the best money.

How did the king of supporters Lech find himself in Olimpia, which did not have fans?

– My friend Bolesław Krzyżostaniak called me. He asked if I would advise him on running the club. I ask him, but what for? It’s a militia club. “Don’t look at the militia,” he says. “Look at me”. At first, “Bolo” didn’t know much about football. When he went to “Kolejorz” with me, he left during the break because he thought it was over. He learned quickly and became a football expert. I met wonderful people in Olympia. Such a Franek Szych.

The last head of the SB in Poznan.

– They did not look like in “Kolejorz” as if to earn on football here, but give something from themselves. At Olimpia, police officers wrote to me and Bolek, but we were too strong. There was a plan to build a hotel at the Golęcin stadium. These plans were thwarted by a change in the system in the country.


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