This is Bill Gates’s phone: reveals model on social networks

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USA / 06.06.2022 10:45:58


Entrepreneurs and billionaires, like thousands of people around the world, use cell phones as part of their daily lives. A few days ago, Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, revealed what type of device it uses and surprised that it is not one of the brand that it established in 1975.

In recent months, the American businessman has been characterized by making predictions about the development of covid-19 in the world, predicting another pandemic and even making suggestions to be happy.

Bill Gates has also used the social network Reddit to start forums on everything from funny stories and memes, to the future of cryptocurrencies and the impacts of climate change.

In one of the discussions, user bwagnon713 asked about the type of phone you use. Gates indicated that he has tried different models, but currently has a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3.

“I have an Android Galaxy Z Fold3. I’ve tried others, but with this screen I can get by. I don’t need anything more than a big laptop and phone,” the businessman wrote.

Following the response, some users they were surprised to learn that they use the same phone as a billionaire and shared their excitement in the same post.

“I have the same phone as Mr. Gates! I’m very happy about this”, “I have that phone too, this is the closest I’ll ever get to being a billionaire”, “it’s my moment of fame, I have the same cell phone than Bill Gates”, were some of the reactions.

However, others questioned why the American did not use any Microsoft modelwhose range varies between the Lumia and the Surface Duo, the latter is foldable like the Samsung device.

“Have you ever used the Microsoft Surface Duo? If you have, why did you choose the Z Fold3 over the model your company makes?” one user wrote.

What is Bill Gates’ phone like?

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold3 model features the ability to unfold to increase the size of its screen, which can enhance the user experience for work, play or watch videos.

The main screen measures 19.19 centimeters, while the secondary 15.82 centimeters. It has high performance in the power of its RAM memory, with 12 GB, and in the long-lasting battery, of 4,400 mAh. Its initial price in Mexico is 44 thousand 999 pesos.


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