This is an Xbox Series X inspired by the Doctor Who cabin designed by a fan

The perfect console version for lovers of one of the most iconic series in history

I admit that I am not a series fan at all and… no, I’ve never seen anything from Doctor Who. Although I vaguely know what it is about, but little else. Now, I do know a lot more about the other thing I mention in the headline, which is the Xbox Series X. Although I don’t have it, I bought the Series S version months ago instead to focus on playing Xbox Game Pass. What a wonder, I recognize that it is the best purchase I have made in a long time.

Well, I don’t want to tell you about my life either. The fact is that Xbox Series X also seems to me to be a very nice console, and above all, with which you can do many things in the form of art. For example, not long ago I brought you a machine that a fan had customized as If I were an old Coca-Cola machine and it was brutal. And today, as you have already been able to read in the headline, it is a union between the console and the Doctor Who series.

Xbox Series X in the style of Doctor Who

Well, the user who has shared this wonder has been Arandomperson7 and his post has been flooded with upvotes:

  • Basically, you have completely designed your Xbox Series X in reference to Doctor Who
  • And how have you referenced the series? Obviously, with a phone booth ✌️
  • In the end, even I liked the result a lot, and you already know that I haven’t seen the series ❤️
  • I leave the image below:

What do you think? A wonder, right? Well, now it only remains to see what will be the next design they make of the great Xbox Series X.

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