This Is Alisson’s Way To Thwart Jorginho’s Perfect Penalty


Jorginho always perfect when executing a penalty before it is finally stopped Alisson Becker. Goalkeeper Liverpool it tells the way. Like what?

Liverpool managed to bring a two-goal victory without reply from a visit to Chelsea headquarters on Sunday (20/09/2020) evening WIB. Sadio Mane is the hero of the win thanks to his scoring brace and to watch his goal, check out the highlights on Mola TV on this link.

However, Liverpool’s heroes were not only Mane or Fabinho who played steadily at the back, but also Alisson. Because, the Brazilian player made a crucial save when his team was sentenced to a penalty in the 75th minute.

At that time Thiago Alcantara violated Timo Werner and fell in the penalty box. Well, Jorginho as the executor is certainly feared by the goalkeepers considering he has a good record in terms of kicking 12 right.

Prior to this, Jorginho has never failed on 21 occasions to be the executor and the last time he failed was in November 2017, while still strengthening Napoli. If Jorginho manages to complete it into a goal, then 10 Chelsea players have the opportunity to equalize the score to 2-2.

However, Alisson was not fooled by Jorginho’s penalty stances and as soon as the ball was kicked, the former AS Roma goalkeeper managed to brush it off to be swept into a corner. Alisson was immediately approached by his team mates including Thiago who started the penalty.

“I’ve studied Jorginho and his penalty goals are really a lot,” Alisson told ESPN Brazil.

“I can see that he scored so many goals. He is really a reliable executor. Very difficult,” he continued about how to ward off a penalty. Jorginho.

“The way he kicks, he doesn’t have to aim for any corner, he’s just waiting for the goalkeeper to move. And it’s not a new technique nowadays, everyone learns it.”

“He may have learned me too, so am I. But he has a kicking style. I’m happy to be able to wait for him to kick, without moving at all.”

“I am very happy and grateful to God who gave me the opportunity to save today’s penalty,” concluded Alisson Becker.

Watch VideoSorry Chelsea! Red Card, Blunder, Penalty Failed
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