This is a way to minimize the risk of diabetes so it doesn’t cause complications

Surabaya ( – Diabetes mellitus is a disease with characteristic flow like honey, or diabetes. Diseases that exist throughout the world turned out to have a tremendous impact. Even 1 in 10 Indonesians aged 20-60 years has diabetes.

Actually, there are some common symptoms felt by diabetics. Such as weight loss, increased appetite, so more urine. However, people with these symptoms indicate that they are 13 years too late.

So it’s not really a symptom that needs to be known, but rather to find risk factors and how to minimize them so that they don’t get worse. Here are some ways to reduce the risk of diabetes so as not to have complications, including;

Regularly Check Blood Sugar

If there are risk factors, it is more routine to check blood sugar. Starting from once every six months, check fasting blood sugar and two hours after eating. This can certainly make a person more alert.

More movement and exercise

Too often sitting, watching, playing gadgets or activities that are sedentary can also worsen the risk of diabetes. No doubt if someone with this disease needs to regularly move and exercise. At least 150 minutes a week.

Reduce carbohydrate intake

Consuming excessive carbohydrates is also not good for diabetics. In fact, it can exacerbate the risk. So it is highly recommended to reduce carbohydrate intake. Including eating snacks that may be contemporary.

Avoid anything that can be stressful

Stress conditions tend to make a person’s immune system decrease. This then becomes one of the things that can increase the risk of diabetes. In fact, it will be even worse if someone overcomes it by eating a lot of unhealthy foods. (Fyi/ian)

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