This is a List of Interesting Features in WhatsApp MOD APK – WhatsApp being the most used chat application, this is why you must have this application in order to connect with friends.

However, WhatsApp still has limited features, which later gave birth to WhatsApp MOD APK. This WhatsApp will provide various interesting features that you cannot find in ordinary WA.

Various Interesting Features in WhatsApp MOD APK

Story duration

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As is known, the duration of the story for ordinary WA is 30 seconds, if you want to upload a status with a long duration, the video must be cut every 30 seconds. This is certainly not comfortable for some people, because the convenience of watching stories can be reduced.

It’s different if you use the WhtasApp Mod, the status you upload will have a duration of 7 minutes, much longer than the usual WA story. This can be the right choice, especially for those of you who want to upload story videos that are comfortable to watch.

Owned Theme

If you use regular WhatsApp, the themes that you can use are limited, even only one, namely dark mode. Unlike the themes that you will get on WhatsApp MOD APK, there are many interesting themes that you can get there.

You can also use these themes for free, without the need to pay a penny. You simply download the existing WA Mod, then install the existing theme according to the type of WA Mod that you have downloaded.

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Anti Delete Message Features

Next is the anti-delete message feature, if you use regular WA, if someone deletes the message, then you can’t see it. This is certainly troublesome, especially if the deleted message is an important message, either for you or for someone else.

You don’t need to worry about this if you use the WA Mod, when someone deletes a sent message, you can still see the message in your WA. This is a feature that is quite interesting and much sought after by WA Mod users.

Hiding Online Status

The next feature you can find in WhatsApp MOD APK is to hide online status. For some people, the online status available on WA sometimes makes them uncomfortable. Especially if you want to avoid friends and are reluctant to reply to their messages quickly.

In ordinary WA, you can indeed hide your online status, but this is limited if your chat friends are also online. Both parties can know each other’s status. If you use WA Mod, even though your chat friends are online, you can still hide your status.

Double Tick Remover Feature

Check two is a sign if the message sent by someone was sent because the receiving party is online. If the recipient of the message opens it, the double tick will change to a blue double tick, indicating the message has been read.

Those of you who are not comfortable with this feature can use the WA Mod, because the two ticks will be disabled. You only need to download the WA Mod application available on the internet. Later you will get this feature automatically without the need to re-download.

Those are the various advantages and interesting features that you can get in WhatsApp MOD APK. Hopefully with this information you will be interested in downloading this alternative chat application. Now there are many WA Mods that you can adjust to your needs.

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