This is 12 Deputy Gerindra: Habiburokhman Entering, Poyuono Exiting


Secretary General Gerindra Ahmad Muzani announced the management structure of the party led by Ketum Prabowo Subianto it is for the period 2020-2025. Name Habiburokhman entered the ranks of vice chairman, provisional Arief Poyuono bounced from the waketum position.

“The number of the latest Gerindra Party management members, among others, the Board of Trustees numbered 89, the Advisory Council numbered 48, the Council of Experts numbered 43, and the Central Leadership Council numbered 292,” said Ahmad Muzani in his statement on Saturday (19/9/2020 ).

Of these, 194 male managers or 66.44 percent. Meanwhile, the female board members totaled 98 people or 33.56 percent.

“This number has exceeded the requirements required by Law Number 2 of 2008 concerning Political Parties, namely women’s representation of at least 30 percent,” explained Muzani.

The latest Gerindra Party management composition decision has been submitted and endorsed by the Minister of Law and Human Rights Yasona H Laoly through the issuance of Decree Number N.MH-18.HH.11.01 / 2020 concerning Ratification of Amendments to the Gerindra Party’s Articles of Association and Bylaws. AD / ART Gerindra gives great power to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees to take internal and external party policies.

Meanwhile, Prabowo Subianto, the chairman of the Gerindra Board of Trustees, was reaffirmed as Gerindra Chairman on August 8. Muzani said the party’s internal policies in question included Prabowo Subianto responsible for arranging various kinds of party developments in order to face developments in the political situation.

In addition, Prabowo Subianto was given a full mandate to make decisions that were considered important, including the determination of presidential candidates, vice presidential candidates to ministerial candidates proposed by the Gerindra Party. In terms of internally, Prabowo as General Chair and Chair of the Board of Trustees is mandated to determine candidates for DPR RI, candidates for Provincial DPR members, candidates for Regency / City DPR members, and candidates for Chairperson of the Regional Leadership Council, Chair of the Branch Leadership Council, and so on. he is responsible for and takes other internal policies.

Menkum HAM Yasonna Laoly also issued Decree Number N.AH-19.AH.11.01 / 2020 concerning Ratification of Changes to the Leadership Council, Advisory Council, Expert Council, and the Gerindra Party Central Leadership Council.

“With the issuance of this decree, the AD / ART of the Gerindra Party with its new management was declared valid by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia,” said Muzani.

Ahmad Muzani. (Photo: Lamhot Aritonang / detikcom).

In the new management structure, it is known that Gerindra now has a Daily Chair which is held by Sufmi Dasco Ahmad. Dasco is also a deputy chairman of Gerindra. In addition, Deputy Chairman Sugiono was also appointed as deputy chairman of the Gerindra daily. Then Gerindra General Treasurer is Thomas Djiwandono.

“We would like to express our gratitude and high appreciation to the Minister of Law and Human Rights who has ratified the AD / ART for the management of the Gerindra Party,” Muzani explained.

The deputy chairperson of the MPR also conveyed the names of the leaders of the Gerindra DPP. He detailed the names of the most recent Gerindra waketum. In the waketum ranks included the name Habiburokhman who in the previous period was one of the Chairmen of the DPP.

Meanwhile, there is no name Arief Poyuono in the Gerindra vice president ranks. Previously, Arief Poyuono served as Deputy Head of Labor and Employment.

“We only announced a number of positions that were deemed necessary because there were 292 people,” said Muzani.

The following is a list of the latest Gerindra Vice Chairman:

– Deputy Chairperson for Organization, Regeneration, Membership and Election Winning: Sufmi Dasco Ahmad

– Deputy General Chairman of Foreign Affairs: Fadli Zone

– Deputy Chairman for Ideology, Politics, Government, Party Discipline and Strategic Information: Sugiono

– Deputy Chairman for Economy and Environment: Edhy Prabowo

– Deputy Chairman for Defense and Security, Maj. Gen. TNI (Purn) Musa Bangun

– Deputy Chairperson for Empowerment of Network Potential, Cooperatives and UKM: Ferry Juliantono

– Deputy Chairperson for Health and Manpower: Drg Putih Sari

– Deputy Chairman for Youth, Women and Children: Rahayu Saraswati Djojohadikusumo

– Deputy Chairman for Law and Advocacy: Habiburokhman

– Deputy Chairman for Community Service and People’s Welfare: Sumarjati Arjoso

– Deputy Chairman for Education and Infrastructure: Susi Marleny Bachsin

– Deputy Chairman of the Religious Department: Muhammad Irfan Yusuf (Gus Irfan Yusuf Hasyim)

Muzani also announced the Gerindra Board of Trustees. The list is as follows:

– Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Lieutenant General TNI Purnawirawan H Prabowo Subianto

– Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees Hj Rahmawati Soekarnoputri

– Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Hashim Suyono Djojohadikusumo

– Deputy Chairman of the Council H Sandiaga Salahudin Uno

– Deputy Chairman of the Board of Builders H Ahmad Muzani

– Deputy Chairman of the Board of Builders Dr Ir Sufmi Dasco Ahmad

– Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees Dr. Edhie Prabowo

– Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees Dr Fadli Zon

– Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees H Desmon Djunaedi Mahesa

– Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees Thomas Aquinas Muliatna Djiwandono

– Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees Angki Retno Djudianti Djokosantoso

– Secretary of the Sugiono Board of Trustees

– Deputy Secretary of the Board of Trustees Prasetyo Hadi

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