This influencer did not believe in corona, now he has died from it –

Ukrainian fitness influencer Dmitriy Stuzhuk thought Covid-19 didn’t exist. He eventually died of complications from the disease.

Stuzhuk, who had more than a million followers on Instagram, became infected during a trip to Turkey. Back in Ukraine, the 33-year-old fitness fanatic was tested positive and became seriously ill. He had to be hospitalized. After eight days he was allowed to go home, but then he suddenly got complications to his heart.

The man, who promotes a healthy lifestyle on social media, was rushed back to hospital. He would already have been “unconscious” and in “critical condition”, says his ex-wife Sofia (25). “I did what I could so that the father of my three children would survive, but it is no longer in my hands.” A little later it appears that he has died. “Only warm memories remain and three beautiful children,” she wrote.

The influencer repented about the corona virus and wanted to warn his followers from the hospital. “I was someone who thought Covid-19 didn’t exist until I got sick. It is a serious illness, ”he said just before he passed away.

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