This image evokes reactions

Tuesday filled Prince Harry of Great Britain 36 years. On that occasion, he was congratulated by both far and near, and it is especially the greeting from the latter that is now attracting attention.

In the foreign press, among others British Telegraph, it turns out that fans are not very impressed with how the royal family chose to congratulate the birthday child.

Mens Queen Elizabeth (94), Harry’s grandmother, has shared a picture of herself and her granddaughter from a public event they attended together in 2017, that is the detail in the picture of Prince William (38) and Duchess Kate (38) which hijacks column space.

Gets criticism

The photo shows the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Prince Harry in connection with the promotion of the organization Heads Together three years ago.

The trio is photographed on a running track, but it is the fact that Duchess Meghan (39) is not in the picture that makes the fans react. Many believe that this is a deliberate and rather sinister move by Kate and William.

“There must have been hundreds of pictures of you to choose from, but still you choose one of Harry, William and Kate. I’m not sure that not including Meghan was completely without ulterior motives “, writes one according to the newspaper.

– Happier here

It is no secret that there has been a lot of speculation lately about whether the relationship between the two duke couples is colder than ever. In the book “Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of A Modern Royal Family” it was also claimed that Meghan and Kate in particular should have a bad tone.

Below the current picture, however, there are several who defend Kate and William, and point out that it is Harry’s day, and not his wife’s. Many also believe that the birthday child was happier before he married the American actor.

“A pleasant reminder of happier times before everything falls apart,” one writes.

“We love to remember how happy he was here,” writes another.

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Some have also pointed out that royal birthday greetings often only include the main character himself, and those who congratulate. The same was actually the case earlier this year, when it was Meghan who turned one.

That time surprised Queen Elizabeth on Instagram – with a picture of himself and the 39-year-old from Chester in 2018. This was the duo’s first official assignment together after the American actor had married into the family.

However, Kensington Palace, which is Kate and Williams’ public Instagram profile, shared a photo of Meghan and a little girl.

But both pictures without the husband.

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