This Hyundai Creta Makes Netizens Shake Their Heads, Driving On Toll Roads In The City But Why Is Something Strange

Instagram @doktermobil_kelapagading2

Screenshot of the Hyundai Creta driving on the Jakarta inner-city toll road without turning on the headlights. – Driver Hyundai This Creta has succeeded in making users toll road others and netizens shook their heads.

It’s not that the driver puts a strobe or spotlight on the back that irritates other drivers.

But even the driver Hyundai Creta It’s like forgetting to turn on the lights while driving on the highway.

This is what GridOto knows from the video posted on the Instagram account @doktermobil_kelapagading2on Monday (23/05/2022).

In the video, a white Hyundai Creta is seen driving on one of the cars inner city toll road which is in Jakarta.

The condition was also late at night, plus the traffic flow seemed quite busy with cars and trucks.

Of course, if the Cretan driver drove without turning on the lights, it could endanger other motorists.

Although the condition of the toll roads in the city that he passed was fairly bright because the lighting was adequate.

Fortunately nothing untoward happened as long as the Hyundai Creta driver did not turn on the lights.

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