This hilarious viral video recreates the Pokémon intro with only stock images

The intro of the animated Pokémon series recreated with stock images is the most ridiculous and at the same time hilarious that you will see today, the work of Matthew Highton.

This is easily the most absurd and “random” thing What will you see today … and perhaps the most hilarious as well. The comedian and filmmaker Matthew Highton has posted on Twitter a recreation of the intro of the animated series of Pokémon … made only with stock images.

Mixing videos of anything (generally animals), and doing a little trick when editing them, has achieved a surprisingly faithful result, respecting even the frame of most shots.

For some reason, stock photos are something that fascinates the internet, and many of the best memes (and the most deconstructed) have emerged from them, such as the famous photo of the “cheating boy” which was recently turned into a fan art with Lady Dimitrescu and Judy Álvarez.

If you liked it, in the Matthew Highton’s profile You will find similar videos with the intros of other series, such as Friends, Happy Days, The Simpsons, The OC, The Prince of Bel Air or The Team A.

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Pokémon is one of the sagas that inspires more fan creations, like some fantastic fan arts of Star Wars creatures and droids reimagined as Pokémon. And it is that the Pokémon fever is such that old games are revalued, such as a sealed original copy of Pokémon Blue, which some parents lost and found 20 years later … and is now worth thousands of dollars.

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