This hidden feature of the Galaxy Note20 can make the camera even more powerful

AKURAT.CO The Samsung Galaxy Note20 has a number of advanced features to further assist its users. But did you know that the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series still has hidden features that not many people know about? This includes support for camera functions.

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra has a 108 megapixel camera that you can take full advantage of Samsung functions such as 8K recording at 24 frames per second and UHD quality at 120 frames per second and 16: 9 and 21: 9 recording resolutions can choose. Adjustable zoom speed, multi-source microphone.

The internal camera has a 30x zoom capacity. Although the camera can be used, this zoom capacity will not work optimally when used to record video because users can only zoom up to 20 times.

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To get a solution for this feature, users can access camera mode, zoom 50 times with the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra, then press and hold the shutter button. The user automatically activates the video recording mode without changing the mode.

Countries like Japan and Korea place great importance on everyone’s privacy and therefore for each individual Smartphone Want to make “giggles” so as not to shoot silently.

Users should also be aware that silent mode allows users to take pictures without making a “giggling” sound. However, this is often a problem, especially when we forget to turn off silent mode and miss important calls.

However, by adjusting the settings in Bixby, users can customize the phone’s behavior for each app that is currently being used. Users can choose to use silent mode when users access the camera app so that Galaxy Note20 series users will not make a “giggling” sound when taking pictures.

The best part Smartphone After the user exits the camera application, the user continues ringing. The Samsung Galaxy Note20 series is equipped with an augmented reality feature that allows users to present unique greeting cards.

However, there are still many users who don’t know how to maximize this feature. Although the method is very simple, all users need to do is access the Augmented Reality menu in the camera application, then take the image that the user wants to use as a basis for Augmented Reality and select the image link.

Here the user can choose between video and photo. Every time the Samsung Galaxy Note20 camera takes a photo to be used as a base, the camera will automatically play videos / photos created by the user as augmented reality.

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