This country is producing hundreds of millions of dollars in Corona vaccines

Yesterday, Saturday, the Swiss Ministry of Health revealed its plan to destroy 10.3 million doses of … Modern coronavirus vaccine After it expired last week.

The ministry said it has no choice but to destroy the doses after the expiration date last Wednesday, according to the Keystone-ATS news agency.

And he cited the ministry that 2.5 million doses are stored in a Swiss army logistic base and 7.8 million in an external warehouse in Belgium, according to Agence France-Presse and seen by “Al”.

The ministry confirmed a report by the Swiss news site “Biobuster” which estimated the value of the doses to be destroyed at about 280 million Swiss francs (285 million dollars).

The Ministry of Health referred to the advance procurement strategy in the race to develop vaccines to deal with the Covid pandemic.

Switzerland has requested many doses from various manufacturers and the stability of the efficacy of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines has increased the excess doses.

The Swissinfo news site estimated in June that Switzerland has a surplus of around 38 million doses of various Covid vaccines that expire before the end of the year.

The ministry said around 3.5 million doses of the new modified Moderna vaccine will be available when Switzerland begins its next booster campaign next month.

Switzerland, which has recorded 13,556 deaths from Covid since the start of the epidemic, has vaccinated around 70% of its population of 8.7 million people.

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