Technology This costs Captain America as a skin in Fortnite

This costs Captain America as a skin in Fortnite


No, Captain America is not in the world of Fortnite to be the superhero.

Did Fortnite need a superhero in the form of Captain America? You tell me. The fact is that Independence Day is just around the corner. The American holiday is tomorrow on July 4. Traditionally, online games come up with a fun theme to join the festivities. That’s how you get in every year GTA Online all kinds of activities around Independence Day.

They also participate in Fortnite, with this Cap America. It is a skin that you can buy in the Battle Royale game from now on. The skin will cost you 2,000 V-Bucks in the Fortnite store. In addition to the cosmetic skin, you also get the shield of Captain America. The latter is not cosmetic, but actually helps you in the game. You can use the shield as a pickaxe. Check the video above to see the superhero in action in the game.

For another 300 V-Bucks you can buy a special Captain America emote in the game. The dance comes with fireworks, which of course fits perfectly with Independence Day. Captain America is by no means the first superhero to become available in Fortnite. Among others Deadpool, Aquaman, Batman and Catwoman preceded Captain America.


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